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3 Tips for Healthy Eyes

As you guys know, I’ve been traveling nonstop these past few weeks! Not going to lie .. between client meetings and running around town through shows, it can get pretty taxing on the body. I already did a post on how to keep your body healthy while you’re on the go, but today I want to talk a little bit about another important area of your body that can take a toll from being overworked.. your eyes! I wear my contacts for long hours at a time and they tend to get pretty dry so here are some tips that I have to make sure your eye gets the care it deserves! I’ve already told you about my 5 favorite eye products and 7 ways to get rid of dark eye circles, but here are my 3 tips for healthy eyes!

1. Glasses

I don’t wear my prescription glasses nearly as much as I should, but I’m really trying to make it a point to wear them more often! So I got these super cute Miu Miu glasses to entice myself to wear them more! Make sure you visit your eye-doctor to get your correct prescription and update it as needed! Whether you have to wear prescription glasses or not, it’s still really important to wear sunglasses when you go outside. Make sure to get glasses that have a good UVA and UVB protection! If you guys remember my in-flight beauty routine on snapchat (@chrisellelim), I always take off my contacts during the flight and swap for glasses just to give them a break!

Miu Miu Glasses

2. Eye drops

I always have eye drops or re-wetting drops somewhere in my purse, especially on days when I’m working in front of my computer a lot or when I’m getting on an airplane! Eye strain and dry eyes from your computer screen is seriously uncomfortable, and can give you really bad headaches or migraines. I’ve found that eye drops and taking a break from the computer for at least ten minutes can really help relieve some of the stress on my eyes. When you’re on an airplane the air is really dry, so just like how it’s important to moisturize your skin, you need to keep your eyes moist too!

Visine Eye Drops | Opti-Free Rewetting Drops

3. Hypoallergenic Eye Makeup & Products 

I have really sensitive eyes, so I always look for hypoallergenic eye makeup and products. I have to be really careful and I’ve found that they’re the best on sensitive eyes because they usually have very gentle formulas. It’s also important to remember to completely take off your makeup before you to go sleep! I love wearing sleeping masks when I sleep, too! They really help block out the light and help me get better sleep!

Lilah B Eye-Shadow | ReVive Eye Cream | Eye MaskGiorgio Armani Mascara

And there you have it, my three tips for keeping your eyes healthy and strong! Have a great Thursday everyone!


Photography by Karen Rosalie