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Getting My Body Back

As of today, I’m officially 7 months postpartum- and wow did it fly by!

If you’ve been watching Catchin’ Up with Chris and have been following me on Instagram– you know that I’ve been consciously working on eating better and being more active to start shedding that baby weight and get to a place where I feel more comfortable in my body. When I was 4 months postpartum, I wrote about how I’ve been learning to love my body at every stage instead of waiting to love it once I get to the ‘finish line.’ While I’m still trying my best every day to do so by consistently working out, eating healthy is a big part of my life and something I genuinely enjoy doing so I’m excited to get back into a routine!

To help kick start my routine and really start out on a good foot, I’m so excited to have teamed up with Sakara Life! They offer 100% plant-based, gluten-free and organic meal plans, snacks and supplements right to your door. It’s kind of like getting a personal chef and a nutritionist all wrapped up in some super chic packaging. One of the initial factors that turned me onto Sakara Life is that its woman-made! The two founders both used diet and nutrition to overcome personal health struggles and were able to use food as medicine and wanted to share the tools they learned with as many people as they can.

To get my body and healthy lifestyle back on track (you don’t even want to know how many tacos I consumed while pregnant), I completed the 10-Day Reset Program, which included everything I needed to give my body a clean slate and the jumpstart it really needed! Basically, the 10-Day Reset comes with everything you need to boost your energy, clear your gut and clear your skin.

+ Recipes
The 10-Day Reset program comes with a booklet of amazing recipes and an easy to follow meal plan with amazing easy-to-make (AND YUMMY) recipes to mix and match over the 10 Day period. It totally changed the way that I look at food. I was so impressed at how easily the re-set guide broke everything down. One thing – if you want to make the pulled butternut squash tacos and the life source muffins like I did, make sure you have a food processor at home.

+ Beauty Water Concentrate:

It’s a silica + rose concentrate with 72 trace minerals for hydration, remineralization and glow. I liked taking this at night before bedtime to enhance my nighttime skincare routine.

+ Detox Water Concentrate:

I’ve been on the chlorophyll water train for a while now so I loved that this particular concentrate contains chlorophyll, magnesium, and 2 trace minerals for hydration, remineralization, and detoxification. For both the Beauty Water and the Detox Water concentrate, I mixed 5-6 full droppers into 8oz of water.

+ Daily Probiotic Blend:

This probiotic has 3 billion CFUs, 11 probiotic strains, digestive enzymes, prebiotics, and candida cleanser. I took two capsules of this supplement on an empty stomach when I woke up with plenty of water and could really feel the difference in my body throughout the day.

+ Detox Bars:

These bars have 10g plant protein plus blue spirulina for detoxing on the go. Don’t be afraid of their color – they’re actually so delicious and were really filling!

+ Energy Bars:

The energy bars have 10g plant protein, L-theanine, and vitamin B12 for energy on the go. Both the bars were great to have on hand in my purse or even at my desk to snack on through the day. I especially enjoyed them post-workout!

+ Life Source:

12g plant protein, alkalizing greens, phytoceramides, enzymes for digestion, detox, energy and beautiful skin. This supplement powder was amazing in smoothies and the Life Source Muffins and Chia Pudding!

+ Detox Tea:

You guys know how much I love my tea! This one has red rooibos, lemongrass, and rose for de-bloating and digestion. It’s recommended to drink twice a day, after breakfast and after lunch.


Here’s a look at how my 10-Day Reset Went:

DAY 1  – DAY 3

I was so excited to get started on this reset! I began the 10 Days on a Friday so I would have the weekend to get adjusted before heading to the office. I think one of the biggest roadblocks I came across initially was that I needed a food processor for some of the recipes. Though I had one, it was just a matter of remembering where I put it and bringing it back out.

I also had to get used to meal prep. Though you could take each day meal-by-meal, since I’m always on the go- it was easier for me to prepare ahead of time! Luckily, the recipes were very simple to do and honestly tasted amazing. Plus the energy and detox bars were great to snack on and ensured I didn’t get hangry throughout the days.

DAY 4 – DAY 7

By Day 4 – I won’t lie, I was feeling a little fatigued. Anytime you go through a detox, you also go through withdrawals- which was especially true for me as part of the Sakara guidelines were to avoid caffeine! While I don’t drink coffee every day, a lot of the teas I like to drink have caffeine in them. Nonetheless, I soldiered on!

I was a little worried that being in the office and following the Sakara Life Guidelines would be difficult- especially considering that my CINCteam loves to get their snack on but I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t tough at all! Since I had prepared a lot of my food & snacks ahead of time- it really motivated me to stay on track. Not to mention all the girls in the office wanted in on my Beauty Water Concentrate!

Around this time, I was really missing my normal food. As you guys know, I’m a huge taco fan- so I was so happy to see the butternut squash tacos recipe! They tasted amazing and were a nice alternative to the greasy tacos I would sometimes get at the office. I also really enjoyed the Whitney’s Mom’s Classic Chopped Salad recipe and Life Source Chia Pudding! It’s amazing how great you feel after eating a clean meal and your body gets used to feeling that great within so you don’t crave as much “bad food” anymore.


DAY 8- DAY 10

Starting Day 8, my cravings started to subside and I found myself really looking forward to the Detox Tea and drinking plenty of water! I could definitely feel and see myself being less bloated and my skin seemed a lot brighter than usual. Through this reset, I was also working out as consistently as possible- so having the energy bar was again – a great post-workout snack.

Getting into a clean eating routine really helped with the other areas in my life as well! Once I got into the groove of the Sakara lifestyle, I was able to really plan ahead for my meals and spend less time trying to figure out what to eat. I actually ended up saving a lot of time during the 10 days because I didn’t have to think about my meals every day. Narrowing my food choices down and knowing they were all good for me and actually tasty made picking out what to eat so easy! Especially since a lot of the snacks in the recipe book were great for making ahead and storing in the fridge.

When I concluded my 10-Day Reset, I can honestly say I feel amazing! Who would have thought that just 10 days would make such a big difference? While I am excited to order a matcha latte, I will definitely continue to incorporate more plant-based meals into my diet and adapt a cleaner, healthier lifestyle.

post sponsored by Sakara

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Beyond the 10-Day reset, they’ve also got many amazing programs all aiming to help you feel and be your best self. One of their main beliefs is that ‘it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle’ and I think that with that mindset, you can truly change the way you view your food!

Photography by Karla Ticas