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Colette's 1st Birthday - Meaningful Birthday Traditions

Happy Monday, everyone! I’m sure a lot of you saw some sneak peeks already from my Instagram this weekend, but I’m so excited to share...

Chriselle Inc. 19 hours ago

A Dream Come True

For this series, I was inspired by the modern woman.

LIFESTYLE 2 weeks ago

Representation Matters

Through all of the self-doubt and insecurities, I found a way to be resilient and have thick skin.

LIFESTYLE 2 weeks ago

Top 12 Must-Haves for New Moms

Being a new mom is so overwhelming.

Motherhood 1 month ago

How to Make Your Bathroom Look Expensive

It might be the most important room in your house, so why not make it look good?

Home / Decor 1 month ago

Best Scented Candles – CINCteam Approved Favorites

The best-scented candles, no matter the room in your house or apartment you burn them in, can instantly make you feel at home and give your space the pièce de résistance.

LIFESTYLE 1 month ago

The Home Goods That Will Upgrade Your Life

All of my latest home good purchases that deserve to have a special moment to shine

Home / Decor 2 months ago

How to Chill TF Out at Work

We all deal with stress differently, so being in tune with your body and your needs can make all the difference.

LIFESTYLE 2 months ago

My Favorite Business Podcasts & Books

It's through a bunch of podcasts, books, and audiobooks that I've learned SO MUCH for my business.

LIFESTYLE 2 months ago

Bedside Manner – Editor Approved Bedside Essentials

Bedside manner is, after all, a sacred moment between you, yourself and your (maybe) higher self.

LIFESTYLE 2 months ago

Worth the Money – Everyday Favorites

For this edition of Worth the Money, I really wanted to highlight some of the products that have found themselves integrated into my everyday life.

LIFESTYLE 2 months ago

CINCteam Approved – Top 5 Books of the Summer

I decided to round up our favorites and share the CINCteam Approved Top 5 Books of the Summer.

LIFESTYLE 2 months ago