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How To Super Boost Your Day

The older we get, the more we look into maximizing everything we do, in every possible way… right?

Time is of the essence and there’s no time like the present, so why not maximize your day-to-day routine and give yourself a little boost in the best possible way?

January may be well over, but we’re still very much at the beginning of the year and need to keep that 2020 energy and momentum going!

Here are all the ways we’re super boosting our daily routines because just like you – we’re all about making everything better.

Super boost your collagen production:

The Nue Co Skin Food + Prebiotic Dust

Add this to your water, milk/milk substitute, smoothies, and whatnot in the morning or at night. The prebiotic works as a fertilizer for your gut. The Vitamin C, zinc, and beta carotene encourage your body’s collagen production.

Neocell Super Collagen

Add one scoop to your water or beverage. This has collagen type 1 & 3, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C & Amla Fruit Extract in it to nourish your skin and give your collagen production a boost.

Super boost your water:

WELLECO The Super Elixir™

To improve your gut health, immune system, and skin, we love using drinking this super elixir in the morning. Made of premium plant-based nutritional supplements, just add 2 teaspoons of this into your water in the morning. It’s very tasty!


If you feel something coming on, mix this with your liquid chlorophyll into your water to give your immune system a boost. The Kick-Ass Immune Activator works to support your body’s resistance.


Liquid chlorophyll is great for detoxifying your blood, energizing the body, eliminating fungus and stimulating the immune system. For more 411 on this guy, read about it here!


Chriselle loves adding this to her water every morning. Full of Vitamins E and C, CoQ10 and more – everything inside works to reduce the free-radical effects of the sun, pollution, and stress. Just add it to water and stir.

Super boost your skincare:

iS Clinical Active Serum

Adored by so many celebs, this serum feels a little cool and tingly. It contains a trio of glycolic, lactic and salicylic acid to clear the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

True Botanicals Antioxidant Booster

A natural fave – this powder can be added to your serums or oils to firm and brighten your skin. It’s ideal for everyone including sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Dr. Barbara Sturm SPF Drops

You can use these alone or add a few drops to any moisturizer or foundation to make sure you have your sunscreen on. It feels super lightweight and melts into your skin without feeling one bit greasy.

Super boost your chill:

Lord Jones Royal Oil

This CBD oil contains only two ingredients: Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil and Grape Seed Oil. It can be used alone as an oil or added to your moisturizer to give in a boost to calm and hydrate your skin. You can also ingest this by adding some under your tongue for 60 seconds when you need it and to your water. It’s helped so many of us and our friends relax, sleep and has reduced anxiety for many (our pets included).


Jane swears by SuperYou to manage her daily stress and has already polished off her 4th bottle of this since it launched. Known to help you focus, chills you out and stabilize your mood, this contains four adaptogenic herbs to work together to help normalize your cortisol levels thus reducing the effects of stress on the mind and body.

Do you have anything you do to give your days a boost? Let us know!

xx CINCteam

Photography by David Higgs (Instagram | Website)