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The Shimmer Shadows You'll Wear All Season

Something about putting on a glittery or shimmery shadow even for just a day at the office is a fun treat.

Beauty 4 hours ago

5 Tips to Guarantee You’ll Always Have a Good Hair Day

However you make it work, or whatever it looks like to you.... with a good hair day you can conquer the world.

Beauty 4 days ago

Are You Taking Care of Your Teeth?

So a few trips to the dentist later, I realized just how important it is for me to take proper care of my pearly whites.

Beauty 1 week ago

No More Product Fatigue – These Products Are Worth the Hype

We got our hands on some skincare and makeup products to see if they live up to the excitement.

Beauty 1 week ago

The Best Spot Treatments to Zap Zits

So, when I do have an unwanted visitor on my face, I reach for my spot treatments.

Skin Tips 2 weeks ago

Transitioning Your Summer Makeup For Fall

Now that it's a few weeks into Fall, and October (when did that happen??) I wanted to share how I've been transitioning my makeup. While I'll still dip back into some summer glow favorites, I've been loving adding some high shine and more berry tones into my looks.

Beauty 2 weeks ago

Let's Talk Feminine Hygiene

If you've got a vagina, chances are you've either thought about buying or have bought something to help keep it "fresh" down there, especially if you still have a visit from Aunt Flo every month.

Beauty 3 weeks ago

Eye Creams - To Invest or Not Invest

Some argue that it’s just an overpriced cream packaged into a little jar and marketed for your eyes and others (like myself) say it’s just like working out: you notice the long term effects of not using it once you stop.

Beauty 3 weeks ago

Best At Home Peels to Get Your Best Skin

So in efforts to bring the spa to my bathroom, I started testing out different at-home peels!

Skin Tips 3 weeks ago


After a long day of work or a long night of partying, nothing can get you into that peaceful zen mood like a good face mask, a rom-com and a glass of wine.

Skin Tips 4 weeks ago

My Updated Skincare Routine - Anti-Aging with Oily Skin

Since keeping your skin hydrated is such a big part of anti-aging skincare… it’s hard to find that balance when you’ve got oily skin!

Beauty 4 weeks ago

The Beauty and Skincare Products that Should be on Your Radar

It's time to talk about some products that should be on your radar.

Beauty 1 month ago