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2020's Best Sunscreens - Editor Approved

Nowadays, there is no excuse to forgo wearing SPF. They come in many forms, price points, are no longer oily, available everywhere, and most importantly – protect you from getting skin cancer.

If you’re an I-like-my-SPF-in-my-moisturizer type of person, they make that. If you like misting your sunscreen on top of your makeup once you’re done getting ready for the day, they make that. If you like them in the form of a drop to mix into your skincare, they have those.  If you like mineral ones that are safe for the ocean… guest what? They have those, too!

Le Specs Ditch Sunglasses

The #1 staple for everyone in the summer are sunglasses. These sunnies from Le Specs are a classic everyday look perfect for any outdoor activity.
The sunscreen MVP’s of 2020

Point being? Sunscreens have come a really, really long way and now that we all know how damaging the sun can be to your face and skin, you better make sure to protect it (even when you’re inside on a computer all day).

Here are all the SPF MVP’s we wanted to highlight for Summer 2020 and where we plan on using them.

Mist on your Habit SPF during the day, then cool down with an all-natural aloe vera mist from Kinfield. Repeat. Enjoy summer.

Habit N°41 MISTER

A luxurious, ultra fine mist that is made up of 16 clean ingredients. It has a subtle floral scent so it doens’t smell like sunscreen and it fits just about anywhere. We love using this over our makeup for the day. Perfect: for everyday

Tatcha Silken Pore Perfecting SPF

Completely weightless and silky. This SPF makes the skin look invisibly matte and poreless-looking. Perfect for: everyday

Cosmedix Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Moisturizing Spray

A gentle, hydrating, oil-free product that won’t clog the pores. It smells great and we love to keep it in our car. Make sure to shake well before applying! Perfect for: reapplying while driving and being outside

Lancer Skincare Sheer Fluid Sun Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen

Super lightweight and thin, this sunscreen is great on its own or as a primer. It really aborbs into the skin and dones’t feel sticky at all. Perfect: under makeup

Supergoop Glow Screen

Gives you a nice glow while providing spf. Perfect for: those good skin days you want to glow a bit more

Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint

This clean serum skin tint from Ilia is your new summer staple! It’s hydrating, weightless and no fuss!
Clean makeup SPF and bug repellent

Eberjey Alta Mare Bikini

Cute, flirty, and ultra comfy! This Eberjey bikini will keep you looking good no matter where you go.

LoQ Gabi Bag

Made in Spain, you will not be dissapointed with this bag.

Stasher Bag

The stasher bag is made of 100% pure non-toxic platinum silicone, keeps things waterproof, can be used to store your products, makeup, cell phone – you name it!

Don’t forget that you can still get sunburnt if it’s overcast outside. Up to 80 percent of the sun’s UV rays can pass through the clouds!

Do you have a favorite SPF you swear by? Let us know!

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