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What is Sex like after Babies 😏?


Welcome to my video page. I've been making more videos than I've ever made before. To stay up to date, follow my YouTube channel.

5 Pregnancy Outfits To Try

Sharing 5 of my favorite pregnancy/maternity outfits that I've worn in the last few months that don't actually include any maternity pieces.

Chriselle Inc.

Eating Collagen for Good Skin?!

Trying all kinds of food with my friend Susan Yara in my first ever Mukbang! We tried some really weird dishes like chicken feet, tendons...

Chriselle Inc.

How To Look Chic on the Go..Always

Sharing 7 of my hacks to looking chic at all times!


Paris & Milan Outfits + Trend Report

Sharing 15 of my favorite outfits I wore during Paris and Milan Fashion week over the span of 2 weeks.

Fashion 3 months ago

Chriselle x JOA

I'm so incredibly happy, overwhelmed and just over the moon at all of your amazing feedback after releasing my collection lookbook yesterday!

Fashion 3 months ago

7 Tips to Actually Decompress During Vacation

It's time to reclaim my vacation! Here are 7 tips to decompress during vacation:

LIFESTYLE 10 months ago

Summer Getaway Looks

I'm so excited to finally share my Summer Getaway Lookbook with you all! It's filled with outfit inspiration and tips, right in time for your next trip.

Fashion 1 year ago

The Ultimate Denim Lookbook

I reworked some of my favorites to put together the ultimate denim lookbook.

Fashion 1 year ago