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LIFESTYLE 4 weeks ago

New Office Reveal

I’m so excited to finally share my new office with you all!

To say it was a labor of love is a total understatement. After years of planning and months of building, CINC Studios officially has a new home. I’m sure you’ve seen bits and pieces of it on my Instagram, but it’s been a long time coming- trust me! A huge shout out to Capsule Home for having the most perfect, modern office furniture EVER!

Keep scrolling to see photos of the brand new CINC office and studio!

Okay, but how cute is this crib? I love that it’s on wheels and a safety lock so I’ll be able to take my baby girl all around the office to say hi to all of her aunties and uncles (aka the best babysitters ever) or post the crib in a corner when baby’s sleeping! With so much happening, having a space that I can call my own within the office means I can get so much more work done sans all the new mommy guilt.

Like I said, having a separate studio space is a total dream come true. We even have room for clothing racks and a little sitting area for filming, meetings and brainstorming sessions! How great is this little set up from Capsule Home? The couch is crazy comfy, we have some super modern nesting coffee tables and the perfect console for storage.

You might recognize this conference room from my IG stories from our Monday Meetings! Having a place that the entire team can gather and brainstorm is such a great way to start the week off strong. It's also the perfect spot for family lunches LOL! These gorgeous grey chairs are the cherry on top to tying the conference room together! They really anchor everything.

In the main office, I knew I wanted a lounge area for the CINCteam to hang out, have meetings, and let’s be honest- a perfect spot for a good IG photo. This navy blue couch and armchair from Capsule Home bring in just the perfect subtle pop of color and I love the modern shape and the copper finishes. I also made sure to add some plants and fresh flowers to finish it off and add some more life and energy to it!

Like I said, this office was a total labor of love and I’m so proud to go to work here every day! A huge shout out to my badass business partner Lauren for overseeing everything (while being pregnant no less!), to Capsule Home who helped bring the office of my dreams into reality, to Lot-H Design for transforming a bare space into a functioning office and to our wonderful interior designer Erick for making sure everything came together perfectly!

What do you guys think of our new office space? Let me know in the comments below!

PS: Check out the full tour and walk through the office with me in the video below or click here!

Photography by Drew Scott

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