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Luxe Gifts Everyone Will Love

The holiday season has always been my favorite. 

Even back when I was a kid, I loved all of the sights, sounds, and of course, smells of the season. Now that I’ve got kids of my own… it means just that much more to me. 

As I’ve gotten older, this season does come with its fair share of stress, too – namely, gift-giving! But this year, I’m so excited to have teamed up with my friends at Dr. Vranjes Firenze to share a couple of gift ideas that everyone will love! 

Dr. Vranjes Firenze is an incredible Italian brand with a long, rich history… and they know their scents- year-round, but especially for the holidays! Each scent was created by Doctor Vranjes, a master perfumer. 

Even their diffuser bottles are handcrafted by Florentine artisans, the shape inspired by the octagonal base of Brunelleschi’s dome in Florence and acts as a homage to the Duomo! 

This year, Dr. Vranjes Firenze’s iconic fragrances are available in exclusive handmade boxes and accompanied by special limited-edition golden accessories – just in time for the holidays! 

Gift Box Oud Nobile with 250 ml home diffuser and 80 gr candle

How stunning is this gift set? This candle + diffuser duo is the is available in 3 of Dr. Vranjes Firenze‘s iconic fragrances: Rosso Nobile, Ambra, and Oud Nobile — and any of the three would be the perfect gift. I’m loving the Oud Nobile scent, which has been a wonderful accompaniment to my workspace – both in ambiance and decoration!

The Oud Nobile fragrance smells like bergamot, incense, and myrrh blend which instantly takes me back to the beginning of the season when my mom would bring out the boxes of decorations to ring in the holiday. We’d put on Christmas music and my sister and I would dance around the house, probably disrupting more than helping… but I remember it so fondly.

Something I love about a diffuser, and that I especially love about the Dr. Vranjes Firenze diffuser, is how the scent can travel so effortlessly throughout the room you have it in and beyond. 

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Gift Box Rosso Nobile Candle with Snuffer

This stunning red candle vessel is the perfect luxe holiday touch to give this year. This gift duo includes the Rosso Nobile candle (500gr) and a refined golden snuffer — which is not only a chic touch but a total necessity for the longevity of your candles!

Rosso Nobile has sweet and fruity notes of grapes and berries and the soft notes of violet and magnolia. Something about this candle’s scent filling my house makes me think of all of the baking my mom would do around the holidays. I’m not the best cook, but I love watching Chloe get so excited about cooking and baking with her grandma!

One of the many things I love about Dr. Vranjes Firenze’s candles is how fragrant they are, even when they’re unlit! With certified wax of the highest quality, a best selling, and long-lasting fragrance, it’s every candle lover’s dream, and dream gift!

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This blog post is in collaboration with Dr. Vranjes Firenze.

Gift-giving can be stressful but with the gorgeous gift boxes from Dr. Vranjes Firenze, not only am I able to give a gift that my friends/family will love but enjoy for months to come. Thank you so much to my friends at Dr. Vranjes Firenze for sharing your festive must-have gift ideas with me and for sponsoring this post!