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Korean Skincare Breakdown – Toner vs. Essence

One of the most commonly asked questions I get after I post a skincare routine or talk about my skincare is, "What's the difference between an essence and a toner?"

Beauty 5 years ago

DIY Lemon Soju Toner Pads

This has been a secret skincare tip of my families for years now.

Korean Beauty 5 years ago

Toner vs. Essence

I’ve gotten so many questions about the difference between the two, from you all and even some of the girls on the CINCteam! So using the best of my skincare knowledge and a little bit of research, I wanted to give you guys the breakdown!

Beauty 6 years ago

10 Step Korean Drugstore Skincare Routine

Took on a challenge of using ALL drugstore skincare products for a few weeks and here are my results!...

Beauty 6 years ago

How to Turn Back the Clock on your Hair

When you see a snail, your first thought probably isn’t ‘beauty product’ but that’s all about to change.

Beauty 8 years ago

The Power of the Brow

Brows are the window the soul. I'm just kidding, but brows really transform you face depending on their shape. With the right brow, you can look like you have a slimmer face, those with small lips or eyes can make up for it with a fierce brow, and some brows can even make you look younger.

Beauty 8 years ago

Turning Back Time

Sadly, time machines don’t exist, but if there’s one way to turn back time … it’s your skin!

Beauty 8 years ago

How To Get the Korean Brow

Here are some tips I'm sharing with you guys today to getting the perfect Korean eyebrow!

Beauty 8 years ago

5 Anti-Aging Korean Tips

Here are 5 anti-aging Korean products!

Skin Tips 9 years ago

5 Tips to Get Dewy Korean Skin

Using some of my favorite products, here are 5 tips to get dewy skin!

Skin Tips 9 years ago

3 Korean Makeup Tips

Being in Korea, I wanted to learn as much about Korean beauty as possible!

Makeup Tips 9 years ago

5 Korean Beauty Musts

When it comes to Korean products, there are 5 things that Koreans focus on to achieve that perfect flawless beauty look. Today I'll be sharing with you guys my top products that focuses on these 5 elements!

Korean Beauty 9 years ago