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5 Tips to Get Dewy Korean Skin

I’m probably one of the biggest beauty junkies out there, but rather than coveting the best makeup products I’m more interested in getting the best skincare. This is because I believe that having a foundation of healthy beautiful skin is very important in putting your best face forward. After all, what use is having the best foundation if your skin isn’t healthy and happy? So I love using Korean beauty products for this reason because Koreans are very specific in getting that flawless and dewy look! Achieving this dewy look is often a 360 approach from having a great cleanser to moisturizer, so today I’ll be sharing with you all 5 tips and products to leave your skin looking dewy and fresh!

1. Get a Brightening Cleanser

In my DIY face masks post, I often include egg as an ingredient. This is because eggs are great for tightening up pores and leaving the skin silky smooth, like the surface of an egg! This cleanser has a mousse texture that gently hydrates and purifies the skin. It gets into the pores and dissolves oil and dead skin cells to nourish the skin. It’s made with white egg yolk extracts that leaves skin feeling tight, hydrated and glowing! Many Korean products have brightening properties because brighter skin looks younger and more refreshed! (Like the I just woke up natural and glowing look!) The egg white extract in this cleanser purifies and brightens while the egg yolk extract moisturizes!

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2. Reduce Pore Buildup

As you guys might have guessed from this post, I do struggle with the occasional blackhead. Luckily for me, this blackhead steam balm is amazing for clearing up blackheads. It really gets into the pores and removes unwanted dirt and oil. It’s a steam balm so it’s very unique in that it self-heats to open up the pores. I like using charcoal powder for my blackheads but this product is great because it’s also infused with sea salt and vitamins. Whenever I use this product, it leaves my skin feeling super moisturized and soft. All you have to do is massage a bit of the balm onto your blackheads or problem areas on your skin for three to five minutes, then rinse it off with lukewarm water! The key here is to massage continuously for that amount of time, and once you feel it starting to heat up you’ll know it’s working. This balm is great because it is less abrasive than using blackhead strips. Removing pore buildup is definitely a key to getting bright and dewy skin so this is a great maintenance product to use every few days!

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3. Get a Hydrating Moisturizer

I’m completely obsessed with keeping my skin hydrated, so whenever I travel you’d always catch me using a mist or putting a ton of oil on my face. (You’d be surprised by how much being on a plane can dry up your skin.) But most importantly, I always pack a good moisturizer. You can’t have dewy skin without having hydrated and supple skin! That’s why this Bamboo moisturizer is such an amazing product to keep your skin happy and hydrated. The bamboo sap in this product has amino acids to hydrate the skin and the fiber maintains the skin’s natural moisture. Every time I use this moisturizer, I can feel my skin instantly softer and rejuvenated. This moisturizer can also reduce skin fatigue after a while! Skin fatigue can be caused by stress and just the everyday wear & tear of your skin from the elements. (Or from constant traveling.) This bamboo moisturizer has a calming aqua-bamboo scent that makes me feel like I’m back at a Korean Spa when I use it! The best part about this product is that it can be a mask or a moisturizer. And you guys know how much I love double duty products. Leave a thick layer on your face for 10 minutes as a mask or apply a thin layer so your skin can absorb it for the ultimate hydrating experience!

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4. Use Essence

You might remember me talking about the 3-step beauty routine that Koreans use not too long ago. Essence is a very important first step because it acts as a nutritious serum that packs your skin with vitamins and preps it for the moisturizer. This essence leaves my skin very supple and dewy!

First introduced in 1897, Eudermine is one of Shiseido’s oldest products, but it’s a formula that keeps improving with the time. This softening lotion is unique in that it responds to the climate around you to keep your skin’s moisture level consistent regardless of location or time of year. Which is great for keeping my skin hydrated, regardless of whether I’m in Korea or New York! For my readers that also gets dry skin during the winter, this is the product for you. This essence is super popular in Asia and it’s just now making it’s way over to the U.S. (But you guys saw it here first!)

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5. Massage Your Face

After my visit to Shangpree Spa in Korea, I’ve really become hooked onto the idea of massaging my face to improve circulation for brighter and more youthful skin. It’s a wellness approach that goes beyond just using skincare products. Rather than simply applying a product quickly to get it over with, I’m really taking the time to make sure every part of my skin absorbs the product for that silky smooth finish. I typically go in an upward and out motion, like I’m pushing toxins away from my face! For this massaging technique, I like to use a very nutritious essence like this Maycoop Raw Sauce! This essence is full of antioxidants and free radicals that support cell-regeneration. It also has a silky smooth non-sticky texture that allows it to be quickly absorbed into the skin. The maple tree sap particles in this essence helps prep skin to better absorb your other products & leaves the skin looking more hydrated and dewy!

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And there you have it, my 5 tips to get dewy skin! And the best part is that all of these products are available at Sephora so having dewy skin is completely achievable! Which tip are you guys going to try first?




Photography by Karen Rosalie