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5 Korean Beauty Musts

You guys know that I’m obsessed with beauty products. Especially since I have to wear so much makeup during the day for photo and video shoots, I actually have a very serious and dedicated beauty routine at night to take care of my skin. It basically consists of a really good cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and face masks! (& If you follow me on snapchat @chrisellelim you’d see that while some people go to the club, I stay at home with my light-up anti-wrinkle wand! #beautyjunkielife) And as an official beauty junkie, lately I’ve obsessed with Korean beauty products. Korean girls are usually featured with dewy flawless skin and youthful bright eyes. When it comes to Korean products, there are 5 things that Koreans focus on to achieve that perfect flawless beauty look. Today I’ll be sharing with you guys my top products that focuses on these 5 elements!

1. V-shaped Jaw Line

Korean beauty really values having a strong jawline, or more specifically, a v-shaped face! Eating foods with toxins or high in salts can cause your face bloat but for me, it’s if I don’t get enough sleep or if I don’t drink enough water! (Which is my biggest concern for when I’m filming the next day…) Like I mentioned here, ice can be effective in slimming down your face in the morning. But I found this massage online that you can do to also slim your face down and achieve that V shape jawline. I think faces comes in all different shapes and sizes, but there are some ways you can do to make your jawline look stronger. Focusing on your diet and contouring can also help to bring out your face shape! (Plus, diet should be one of the first things to focus on because beauty comes from within!)

2. Flawless Skin

Use this micro-targeting products to achieve perfect skin!

Not just in Korean culture, but across all cultures, having flawless skin is highly coveted. To take care of pimples or scars caused by acne, my cure for those troubling spots are these products that target those specific issues. For stubborn acne during that time of the month, I love to use these trouble patches from Missha. They are essentially stickers you apply onto the pimple. It’s super cool because the stickers have concentrated amounts of tea tree oil and salicylic acid, know ingredients to combat acne. The tea tree has antibacterial properties and reduces redness while the salicylic acids dries up the pimple. (And if you caught my snapchat @chrisellelim yesterday, you’d know I got a pimple right before filming a beauty video ugh!) I definitely put these to good use after I got home.

 And for stubborn blackheads remember to use a pore cleansing mask 1-2 times a week to remove toxins! Living in the city, I am exposed to a lot of these toxins and often times when I’m doing my nightly routine a lot of dirt is still on the skin. So once in a while, I like to use my volcanic clay and charcoal nose strips to detoxifies for squeaky clean pores!

3. Soft Dewy Skin

A lot of Korean products, like face masks, help to promote having soft dewy skin because it’s that highly coveted fresh-faced #iwokeuplikethis look, even though we didn’t really wake up like that! I’ve also been obsessed with face masks lately because they’re what I rely on to have a fresh face despite getting minimal sleep from taking care of Chloe. I love this 2-part skin glow from Mizon because it’s made with carbonated water from France that are rich in minerals. This powder pack is amazing when I need a bit of a pickup. This mask can immediately brighten up a dull and dehydrated face. The lemon in the powder pack is great for brightening since it has vitamin c and natural lightening properties for all your dark spots! The tingling sensation you feel after applying it helps clear away toxins and gives you a supple and radiant glow.

Sleeping masks are also great because it works overnight so that you can wake up with dewy skin. Not to mention I’m definitely on board if I see anything with collagen in it’s ingredients. Collagen is the most common protein in the human body, comprising about 30 percent of the body’s protein content. It is what gives the skin bounce and maintain its elasticity. As we age, collagen tends to break down reducing the skin’s elasticity. So with products like this, you can bring your skin back to that supple and soft glow! It’s important for me to keep my skin happy and hydrated so I rely a lot on face masks and sleeping masks!

Mizon Vita Lemon Sparkling Powder | Tony Moly Sleeping Pack 

4. Bright Youthful Eyes

A lot of women depicted in Korean media have very bright and youthful looking eyes. This is such a struggle for me as the biggest thing I struggle with all the time is dark under eye circles! But here are two Korean products that I love using to help target my problem area to achieve that bright eyed look. Do you guys remember me using this funny eye mask with Allen on my snapchat from a while back? This mask is great for your eyes because it’s packed with enriching minerals, amino acids, and proteins. It also feels intensely cool and hydrating! The hydrogel material is so unique because it contains black pearl and gold to accelerate the rejuvenation process and help fight fine lines while balancing your skin tone.

This TonyMoly eye corrector is also my latest secret weapon for dealing with my dark under eyes. (Not to mention the TonyMoly line is not only affordable but also incredibly effective.) The consistency is silky smooth and the fast-working formula is packed with a mixture of brighteners that hydrate and lighten the thin skin around your eyes. Remember to apply eye creams with your ring finger since it has the softest touch, and never rub hard!

Shangpree Gold Black Pearl Eye MaskTony Moly Panda’s Dream Goodbye Dark Eye Corrector |

5. 3-step Process

These 3 steps should never be neglected!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Korean skincare regimen without a 3-Step process: tone, serum, and moisture! I grew up watching my mom apply her nightly routine in 3 steps and now it’s become ingrained in me to also have multiple steps in my routine. Toning is essential for balancing the skin as many times our skin is off balance. The natural ph for skin is around 5.5 (acidic) so we have to remember to tone. If your cleanser is a little harsh and leaves your skin feeling tight, it’s definitely better for your skin to tone after! Serum is also jam-packed with essential vitamins that can be so beneficial for the skin. I personally love anything with Vitamin c and retinol (only applied at night, great for anti-aging because it promotes cell renewal). Finally, moisturizer to lock it all in. And if you’re like me, another step would be to add a sleeping mask!

And there you have it, my product breakdown to achieve that Korean beauty look! I just love Korean beauty products because all the products are super customizable to fit your face needs!  Make sure you tune into my Youtube Channel in the next few weeks! I’ll be sharing an updated video all about my skincare for you guys!

Happy Wednesday!