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Beauty 4 years ago

7 Beauty Ways to Use Ice

Sharing with you guys today some ice beauty secrets! It might be uncommon to think that something as ordinary as ice can help achieve better skin, but sometimes the most uncommon treatments can be the most effective! For soothing and radiant skin, here are 7 beauty ways to use ice:

Cucumber Aloe Face Mask

Blend sliced cucumbers, cucumber juice lemon juice, rose water, lemon juice, apples, mint leaves & turmeric powder together. Freeze into icecubes & apply for 10-15 minutes wrapped in a towel.

Try using this cucumber face mask to refresh and hydrate your skin! All the above ingredients are great for reducing redness and hydration, so my little recipe combines them together for a relaxing and softening ice facial. It can get a little cold, but your face will feel so soft and fresh after! This mask is especially great for my readers who struggle with redness!

Green Tea Facial

You might remember my love of using green tea for dark under eye circles, but I like freezing it & using green tea ice cubes for my face as well. I generally concentrate on my dark under eyes especially, but green tea has soothing effects for the rest of my face. Not to mention I can also use them in my ice tea if I have any left over..

Acne Relief

Try using ice to dry out that awful pimple before applying acne relief medicine on your skin. On certain days of the month I still get the occasional pimple and I hate it! That’s why I’m super excited to use these blemish control pads to take care of my acne scars.

Blemish Pads: First Aid Beauty 

Rose Water Ice Facial 

These may look like regular ice cubes, but I like to freeze rose water into ice cubes for a rose water ice facial! (You can also boil rose petals & freeze that water.) Doing this helps refresh and soften your skin.

Makeup Primer

If you guys have time, try running ice (wrapped in a paper towel) over your face before you apply your makeup! This helps close your pores and reduce redness for a glowing face. This also helps makes your makeup last longer!

Blush: Nars | Eyeliner: Stila | Concealer: Kate Somerville | Lipstick: Marc Jacobs | Foundation: Giorgio Armani | Lipbalm: Yes To


Tweezing can be the most painful thing in the world sometimes, so try prepping your skin with ice a few minutes before you are about to tweeze! The ice will numb the skin and will help you to have a painless tweezing session!

 Night time Routine

Use ice to close your pores before applying your night skincare routine!

Anti-wrinkle cream: Kate Somerville | Wrinkle Treatment: Kate Somerville

& there you have it, 7 ways to use ice! Let me know which tip works the best for you guys!

Photography by Karen Rosalie

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7 Beauty Ways to Use Ice

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