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Royal Oils - The Best Beauty Oils

To be completely honest – I never understood the hype around beauty oils nor did I ever think I would love oils as much as I do now until I started working here. Chriselle is a beauty oil connoisseur, has combination skin (which is similar to mine), and always empties her bottles of oils to the last drop. 

Since one can only wish to have skin as beautiful as hers – if she finishes a bottle of something… you take notes and follow suit because you know it’s just THAT good.

I will say that at first, I was hesitant to try any type of “oil” on my face because I didn’t understand the idea of using oil as a moisturizer. How could an oil moisturize me when I have an oily T- Zone? Boy, did I have it all wrong.

Oils go deeper into your skin and it’s all about finding the type of face/body oil that’s right for you. They feel super luxurious, and can also be used in conjunction with your serums and moisturizers (depending on how dry your skin and weather are). So, if you’re new to beauty oils or haven’t really gotten into them – you’re not alone. Here’s a roundup of all my tried and true oils that are worth the money, honey.


Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum

The hype is real, people. This natural oil is pricey but worth every penny. When I first got my hands on this I thought – okay there’s no way this oil can be THAT good but one night of using this oil completely changed my mind. I woke up with super fresh, bright and moisturized. Safe to say I’m addicted and it doesn’t hurt that it has 22 active ingredients in this beautiful bottle working hard for you.

Tatcha Oil Gold Camellia Beauty Oil

Safe to say I’m obsessed with Tatcha and am thankful to get my hands on anything they put out. This oil smells super luxurious, easily absorbs into your skin, hair, nails – wherever you need hydration and gives you such a beautiful glow. I use about 4-5 drops in the morning or night and my skin always feels just right.

PSA: The Tatcha sheet mask also deserves a moment as it’s a true gamechanger. I like using them post-flight and if I’ve had one too many glasses of you know what. My mom and I slept with the luminous mask on after our Christmas fête and woke up looking like we only drank many glasses of water the night before.


Full of nutrients and omega, this CBD oil feels so luxe and actually helps calm my inflammation around my face, neck, and hands. I’m not kidding when I say it actually helps me go into a deeper sleep when I use it at night. You can also use it around your cuticles, hands, nails, etc. for extra nourishment.

Lesse Ritual Serum

My friend Neada Jane is not only as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside – but she also has an equally beautiful line called Lesse. This ritual serum feels super nourshing, absorbs deep into the skin, and feels weightless. I also love what the brand stands for – getting back to just the essentials and that Lesse is more.

True Botanicals Clear Pure Radiance Oil

Can you tell I’ve been really into my natural products? I’ve talked about True Botanicals many times before but it’s safe to say that all my friends and I are obsessed with them. They’re clean, Made Safe, really work and smell lovely. I’m about to polish my second bottle of this oil and can truly say that it’s a gamechanger. Pro Tip: mist your face with their face mist pre and post-yoga/workout and all throughout the day. It’s HEAVENLY and hydrating.


Playa Ritual Hair Oil

I’m really into this hair oil as it’s really weightless and lightweight. I ALWAYS make sure to add hair oil after I shower while my hair’s damp to make sure my locks stay hydrated. This oil helps protect my hair color from fading, environmental damage, and sun damage. It’s a cult favorite for a reason!

Ouai Hair Oil

This hair oil by Ouai is deeply hydrating. I’m already on my 3rd bottle and I love using this one when my hair feels drier. It’s color safe, good for all hair types, TSA friendly, and really tames down any frizz.


Go-To Exceptionoil

This oil is great for your skin, nails, heels, hands – basically everything. This oil will leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized 100% of the time. I love using my body oils post shower for maximum absorption.

Rodin Body Oil

If you’re looking for a luxe oil that smells absolutely heavenly, completely moisturizers your skin all the while sitting pretty on your vanity – look no further. This Rodin Body Oil is the one for you.

Precious Oils for Body and Bath DIPTYQUE

What I love about this oil is that it can be used in the bath or post shower (just press some oil onto your skin post shower). I love using this after I take a bath on the weekends or if I have an event to attend in the evening. What’s better than smelling like Diptyque?

So what oils are you gravitating towards? Have you already incorporated any in your routine yet? If so, what are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below!

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Photography by Karla Ticas