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How to Get Rid of A Pimple ASAP

Pimples happen… these products can help. 

Hi, all! It’s Hannah! No matter how much time and love and effort I put into my skin (have you seen my minimal skincare routine?) I still get a pimple or two every once and a while. Usually a hormonal pimple or post-traveling. You should have seen the breakout after I got back from my trip to Italy last year.

Though I wish I could tell you about some amazing magical product to get rid of a zit overnight, that sadly doesn’t exist… yet! Or if it does and you know about it @ me please. Until then, I’ve got a couple of tricks to help get rid of them. 


Ice, ice baby. Once upon a time, an old roommate of mine used to wrap some ice in a paper towel or a tea-towel and ice her zits while she watched TV. I thought she was crazy until I saw just how well it worked. Ice helps get rid of swelling, and it works wonders on any angry zits you might have! 

Just icing it for a couple of minutes can really help bring down excessive swelling and make your zit much easier to deal with. 

Drying Spot Treatments 

I only reach for these spot treatments when a zit is particularly painful. This one from Dr. Lancer I only put on during the day for a few hours as it’s really strong. For an overnight treatment, I’ll use this one from Sunday Riley!

I’ve found that these treatments work best when one of those really painful zits pop up… you know the ones that don’t have a head quite yet but when you accidentally brush against them and your eyes start to water in pain? Those.

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  • Sunday Riley SATURN Sulfur Acne Treatment Mask
  • Lancer Skincare Clarifying Detox Mask

Pimple Stickers 

I’m a firm believer in pimple stickers. I swear by them, tell everyone about them, and have even given some to my friends and my brother! Though they come in many different shapes, sizes, and brands… they all pretty much have the same concept.

The little stickers help draw out any impurities to help flatten your pimple/zit. I’ve found that they’re most effective on whiteheads that feel like they’re ready to pop. Just pop a sticker on, fall asleep and wake up to a sticker full of gunk. It’s oddly satisfying… gross, but satisfying! 

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Detox Mask 

Say hello to my skincare best friend, this Caudalie Mask! I use this mask maybe once a week on my T-zone. It’s a clay mask so it helps draw out impurities, tighten pores and make your skin so soft. It’s seriously helped keep my sebum production under control. I’ve used this mask in particular for the last couple of months, but check out below for more of my favorites! 

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  • Caudalie Instant Detox Mask
  • FRESH Umbrian Clay Pore Purifying Face Mask
  • Versed Find Clarity Purifying Mask

Hydrating Spot Treatment 

Drying out your pimples feels like it’s the best way to go about getting rid of them. Remember when you used to put toothpaste on them to dry them out? No…? Just me? While I do love the drying spot treatments I talked about above- I also use this spot treatment from Versed. It’s hydrating and soothing which I’ve found really helps my pimples! Especially if I feel one popping up. 

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Do you guys have any pimple hacks you swear by? I want to hear them! Leave a comment down below and let me know! 

Until next time,