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My Minimal Skincare Routine

Skincare routines are hard.

Like, really hard. There’s an entire checklist of things you HAVE TO DO. And if you don’t have a million skincare products in said routine you’re missing something. It feels like every time I turn around there’s a new product telling me that I have a skincare problem I didn’t know I had. In high school, I would wash my face and *maybe* wear moisturizer. It wasn’t until I started working with Chriselle that I realized my routine was lacking.

Suddenly, I was learning about things like toners, serums, oils… then even more suddenly, I began testing and trying out products and adding things to my routine until, at one point, I was using around 10 different products but… my skin looked shit.

It wasn’t until recently that I started to weed out the unnecessary products. (Disclaimer – the unnecessary products for MY skin.) Before I knew it, I was down to half the products and my skin looked better than ever. No pimples, almost zero redness, and it was SO DAMN SOFT. I was getting compliments from co-workers and I had never felt more confident in my skin. Because of my new minimal skincare routine, I also wear half the makeup I used to wear!

I now think of skincare like a recipe for a cake. Hear me out: you can have all of the right ingredients but if it’s too much of one thing and not enough of the other- your cake, while still edible, might not taste that great. So, you’ve got to keep playing around with the recipe until your cake tastes bomb. (In this analogy your face is the cake.)

So you know that meme about no one ever asking for a skincare routine ever? Well, here’s my minimal skincare routine 😉


STEP TWO – Versed Just Breathe Serum

This is a new favorite and I’ve been telling everyone about it. The description says, “This serum is designed to clear out impurities and control excess oiliness that clogs pores,” and let me tell you, it does just that. Within a week of using this serum for the first time, my skin had seriously cleared up. My chin would always break out, and I woke up one morning and felt my face and audibly squealed with excitement that my chin was soft.

The serum can be used day and night, so I use it every morning and every night right after I wash my face. I use a pea-sized drop and press it into my skin. The KEY is PRESSING not WIPING. I’m a little more gentle than when Chriselle literally smacks her face, but I press in the product until my skin feels ever so slightly sticky.

STEP THREE – Cle Cosmetics Vitamin C Elixir

I was initially drawn to this Elixir because to activate the ingredients, you have to shake the bottle… it’s the little things, people. I’ve been using this Elixir for a while and I love how bright my skin looks. Vitamin C is amazing for your skin: it helps brighten, helps to neutralize free radicals (I live in DTLA so this is important), promote collagen production and is great for anti-aging. I know I’m only 25, but there’s no time like the present!


STEP FOUR – Opti Crystal Eye Cream

This eye cream is designed to target dark circles and puffiness, AKA my eyes. One girl in high school called me a raccoon, so it’s safe to say I’ve been hyperaware of my under eyes for quite some time. While a good undereye concealer is usually my answer, since I’ve been wanting to wear less makeup, I’m really relying on my skincare to pick up the slack. Enter, OptiCrystal. First of all, it’s iridescent which is so much fun, but it also is super moisturizing. Because it’s a little on the shiny side, I like to use this at night… and a little goes a long way!


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Overall, this minimal skincare routine and the combination of products that's worked best for my skin. And as fate would have it, the MORNING after I shot this post I had a pimple on my chin, naturally. (I'm doing a post about my favorite pimple spot treatments, soon so stay tuned!) 

Some honorable mentions: 

Caudalie Instand Detox Mask 
Kate Somerville ExfoliKate 
Shani Darden Cleansing Serum 




Are you all ready for a minimal skincare routine, too? Drop a comment down below and let me know! If you have any questions about my routine, feel free to @ me on Instagram as well! Until next time,

x Hannah

Photography by Karla Ticas

Location: Firehouse Hotel
Top: Bando | Underwear: Entireworld 

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