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Scalp Facials Are a Thing

Think about your usual beauty routine… you probably have some sort of ritual for almost every part of your body.

Whether that consists of your skincare, makeup, hair, nails… there are even face masks’ for your booty these days! Believe it or not, there’s a huge gap in your routine that you probably didn’t even realize you were missing… your SCALP! A few months ago, I put up a story about how to take care of your scalp (if you missed it- be sure to check it out here) but I just discovered something called a ‘scalp facial’ and naturally, I had to tell you all about it.

It’s basically a head massage meets a facial but for your scalp. Think about it this way: you wash your face every day, right? Sometimes even twice a day to make sure that all the gunk on your skin is off so it doesn’t clog your pores. Now think of your hair and all the product residue and pollution that’s being built up between all the washes, dry shampoo, hair oils, salt sprays, hair sprays… the list goes on. All of that stuff clings into your hair follicles and can leave your hair dull and prone to dandruff! So what’s one to do?

Enter: the scalp facial. So many spas are offering them on their menus now as they gain popularity! They use a microscope to check out the state of your hair follicles and then base a treatment off your needs.

While going to a spa to get a facial for your head might not be the easiest thing to do, there are SO many ways to give your scalp some much needed TLC and love at home. The easiest way to do that is to exfoliate with a nice scalp/body scrub. Scalp scrubs are super hot right now and they’re definitely one of those products that hook you instantly the first time you try it because it feels THAT good and is one of those things you never knew you really needed.

Your hair will feel ridiculously smooth and light and, not to be dramatic… but you’ll feel like a whole new woman (or man. Make sure the dude in your life gets in on this too)! I’ve talked about some of my favorite scalp scrubs before, like this one from Ouai and this shampoo scrub from Christophe Robin, but check out the widget below to shop some more of my top scrubs (PS: if you’re on a budget, this one from Kirsten Ess is only $14)!

Another one of my favorite ways to give my scalp a little love is to use this Japanese Scalp Brush. It totally changed my hair brushing game because it was specifically designed for the health of your scalp. The bristles are super gentle and I’ve actually been using it to brush my hair in the shower. To read more about it click here!



Have you ever gotten a scalp facial before? I want to hear all about it! Be sure to drop a comment down below, and remember… a healthy scalp = healthy hair!

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