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7 Ways to Get rid of Dark Eye Circles

Some of you guys have requested that I do a post on under eye circles, so here it is! I was actually really happy to do this post because struggling with major dark under eyes has always been my issue. No matter how much sleep I get I always end up with hallowed out dark circles! I’ve pretty much tried everything under the sun, and as you’ll read in the post that I’ve actually shared a lot of these tips with you guys already .. but this is a list of 7 of my best practices to get rid of dark under-eye circles!

1. Shiseido Soothing Eye Mask

I mentioned these eye patches before in my sleeping beauty post, but in case you guys forgot .. I have a habit of wearing these before I sleep so I can wake up with soft and refreshed eyes!

Shop: Shiseido Smoothing Eye Mask

2. DIY Brightening Eye Mask

Ingredients: blend sliced cucumbers, lemon juice, rose water, lemon juice, half apple, mint leaves & turmeric powder (apply for 10-15)

When I ever find the time, or mostly whenever my mom is in town, I like to make DIY beauty masks like this brightening eye mask! I blend in the above ingredients (use very small amounts as it’s just for your eyes) to help soothe and brighten up my under eye circles. Individually, these ingredients are great for lifting and treating your dark circles (vitamin C in lemons, refreshing properties in cucumbers), so this recipe just combines all the best things for the most effective outcome!

3. Green Tea Bags

In addition to being a great coffee alternative, green tea has properties in the leaves that can be great for soothing your dark circles. For this simple trick, just boil a tea bag or some tea leaves, and then place the fresh green tea bag under your eyes for 5-10 minutes!

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4. Ice

I’ve used ice here for my skin in general, but I like using ice to give special attention to my dark circles to reduce puffiness in the morning! This is a super simple and easy tip to do because you don’t have to buy anything!

5. Concealer  +  6. Eye Cream

For my readers with dark eye circles, in addition to using home made remedies, I highly recommend investing also in a great concealer. One of my favorite concealers is this blabla. It goes on so smoothly and gives me great coverage that lasts all day. I also recommend using a cream that can help your skin while you’re sleeping! Laura Mercier has amazing products and I love using this gel cream a few times a week before I sleep to give a little extra love to my eyes.

Concealer: Cle de Peau | Eye Cream: Laura Mercier

7. Coffee Grinds

 This may be surprising, but lately I’ve been seeing a lot of beauty tips involving coffee grinds! As it turns out, coffee grinds has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce redness and tighten your skin. So once your coffee finishes & the coffee grinds aren’t hot anymore, scoop out a bit of coffee grind to put under your eye for 20 minutes.  I’ve been doing this with Allen’s coffee grinds and I’m definitely seeing a difference in my eye puffiness in the morning.

And there you guys have it, 7 tips to reduce dark eye circles! Which tip are you guys most excited to try? And share with me YOUR tips in the comments below!

Photography by Karen Rosalie