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Is Your Gut Okay?

Hey all! Jane here again!

Are we dressing up for Halloween in a couple of days or are we over it? I, for one, love carving pumpkins way more than I do dressing up. Does that make me old or just grown? Please see case in point here. Since Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday season aka treats galore, it’s the perfect time to take about something I’ve been implementing in my daily life. 

Growing up as a ’90s child, I fully lived off of McDonald’s cheeseburgers, nuggets and all the junk food you can imagine. Oreos? Hell yes. Twinkies? Up to 2 a day until the box ran out. Hot Cheetos? You already know the answer (still eating them).

My mom would always have a delicious home-cooked meal waiting for me, but I didn’t appreciate that back then because I was young and quite the brat, to be frank. It wasn’t until I started cooking for myself in college that I understood the value of a nutritious meal (and to be honest, it wasn’t until I hit my 30’s and my metabolism started slowing down that I actually started to care about my health).

All I wanted during my teenage years was to cut class once a week and make my way to Mickey D’s to get a piping hot #2. C’mon… tell me you don’t smell those fries and sweet and sour sauce right now. And healthy eating habits? Never heard of her. I was fit, in shape because I was a teenager, and got to blindly consume all the empty calories I wanted without an ounce of remorse or any stomach issues. Keep in mind that fast food was also super cheap back then and there wasn’t that much knowledge around health, wellness, and transparency with fast food ingredients.

Now, why am I talking about this? Because we need to talk about… GUTS.

Sometimes you love someone’s guts, sometimes you hate them. Sometimes you have a whole lot of guts and sometimes you feel like chicken shit. Point being? There are lots of different types of guts out there and hopefully, we’ve all learned by now to trust and listen to our very own.

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So…Are you even thinking about if your physical gut is happy? Inflammed? Bloated? Are you feeding your gut the proper nutrients it needs to stay healthy? Are you currently taking a prebiotic? Have you thought of microbiomes? Let’s discuss…because if you’re anything like me and had really poor eating habits growing up, it’s not too late to change your old ways and treat this holy part of your body right. Of course, you need to discover what’s best for your body, but here’s what has personally worked for me:


Hum Skin Heroes Pre + Probiotic Clear Skin Supplement

A huge fan of Hum already, I tried these for a month straight and my stomach was a lot less bloated. Bonus points, it cleared up my skin. I truly believe that your skin is a reflection of your health. Just don’t forget to drink your daily cups of water as well and skip the plastic bottles when you can. I’ve been loving my self-cleaning larger LARQ water bottle to make sure I stay hydrated – especially while traveling.

Sakara Daily Probiotics

Can you tell I love my probiotics? I love the Sakara bars and teas, so I knew I had to try their probiotics. They’re 100% vegetarian, don’t need to be refrigerated, and are formulated with candida-cleansing systemic and digestive enzymes to reduce bloat. Chriselle loves them too

The Beauty Chef Gut Primer

The gut is a very complex organ and we’re lucky to have so much more information around it these days. I met Carla of Beauty Chef when she was last in LA and we talked about everything including: leaky gut. I oftentimes feel like I have a lot of inflammation (allergies, drinking wine, eating cheese and foods my body doesn’t love but I do) and was so happy with the results from the gut primer. After a few weeks, I noticed my bloating and inflammation went down and my stomach looked…well, happy.

The Beauty Chef Well Spray

I really love this guy and always keep it in my purse. It’s especially great for travel when you’re exposed to germs in-flight. Just a few sprays in the morning and night and your body has extra immunity support to combat the day and all of those unwanted germs.

Moon Juice SUPER YOU

It’s no surprise that stress directly affects your body and breaks you down. When your body is stressed, your immune system is weak and you’re more susceptible to sickness. I’m on my 4th bottle of SUPER YOU now, and can’t recommend these supplements any more than I already do. It helps normalize cortisol levels, thus helping reduce stress while enhancing energy, mood, and focus.

Moon Juice Brain Dust

As a very sleepy human, if I don’t get my much needed 8 hours of sleep, I’m pretty much thrown off. At the same time, getting 8 hours of sleep in a major city is not always practical. So, I love taking this brain dust. I add one tsp to equal parts coffee and drink it like a shot. To be honest, I personally find it pretty earthy, but I love how it makes me feel for the day. I’m laser-focused from the rhodiola and ashwagandha, and the organic astragalus promotes healthy blood flow while the organic maca helps promote energy and memory function. 

Ritual Essential for Women

If you’re on the hunt for a simple multi-vitamin with no fuss around it, Ritual’s for you. It tastes like peppermint so it’s actually quite delicious, containing 9 essential ingredients women need. Added bonus? They’re vegan, gluten, and allergy-free, containing no GMOs.



So are we all ready to have happy, healthy guts? Let me know!

x Jane

Photography by Karla Ticas

Location: Firehouse Hotel

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