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Beauty 2 months ago

The Best Beauty Tips You'll Ever Read

Over the years, I’ve picked up so many tips and tricks that are invaluable to my beauty arsenal.

Between certain hand motions and techniques, I’ve learned to use when applying serums, to ways to make your lipstick go that extra mile… people have found ways to make their beauty and makeup products work even harder for them! I decided to ask the team and gather all the best beauty tips to share with you all.

Keep scrolling to discover them, and be sure to add a comment down below with a beauty tip and trick of your own because sharing is caring.

+ Mix a drop of your face oil into your foundation for super dewy skin and no cracks in your makeup.

+ Keep an eye on the expiration dates of your skincare products! It looks like a little open jar with a number and letter- the number is the number of months you can use the product after you open it! I like to use a Sharpie and write down when the item expires so I don’t forget.

+ Add a few eye-drops to your dried out mascara to give it new life.

+ Mix serums into night creams for custom skin cocktail! (*Be mindful of the ingredients.)

+ Wear sunscreen no matter the weather AND on planes! We really love this one because it feels so lightweight and silky. Candice really loves this sunscreen powder and says it’s amazing!

+ Apply your brow powder BEFORE your brow pencil to help set your brows all day.

+ Put your mascara tube under your arm or in your waistband to warm up the formula for a smooth application.

+ When applying your skincare, make sure you apply from the thinnest to thickest!

+ Apply your eye cream with your ring finger- it has the least pressure and softest touch.

+ When using wave spray, use it on damp and not dry hair to get the perfect effortless waves.

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+ If your nail polish is getting goopy, put a drop or two of polish remover in to refresh it.

+ After you apply your skincare put the leftover product on your hands onto your elbows (or your boobs) to not let any precious product go to waste.

+ When applying face creams, always apply in an upward motion to not cause wrinkles.

+ Getting into good skincare habits is everything- especially when it comes to eye creams. It’s kind of like exercise- you only notice how much it was working for you once you stop doing it.

+ Use Lipstick as blush, or even as an eyeshadow, kind of like my girl Hannah did here!

+ Use your face roller/jade roller OVER your sheet mask for tighter skin and maximum essence absorption.

+ Drink. Water. Jane swears by her self cleaning water bottle by Larq. Good skin comes from within.

+ Get into the habit of using a cuticle cream– your nail beds will thank you.

+ To remind yourself to remove your makeup before bed, keep some makeup remover towelettes by your bedside table!

Beauty tips are for guys, too! Timmy (our crazy talented videographer) recommends to end your showers with a burst of cold water- it’s great for your circulation and de-puffing.

+ If you’ve been drinking or are feeling puffy, stick a face roller in the freezer and de-puff your face in the morning while drinking coffee.

+ Use retinol to increase collagen production, reduce fine lines and wrinkles if you’re not already but do not use it if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

+ Use thicker creams in the winter when it’s more dry and lighter creams in the summer. Always use SPF.

+ Find a good peel pad and use them religiously. Our top favorites are the Alpha Beta Dennis Gross Peel Pads and the Go-To Swipeys. Your skin will never be brighter.

Did you learn a new thing or two? Please be sure to drop your favorite beauty tips and tricks down below!

Photography by Emi Rose Website | Instagram

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The Best Beauty Tips You'll Ever Read

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