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The Holiday Party Etiquette You Need to Know

Can you believe it’s already Day 11 of the 12 Days of CHRIS-elle? Time sure does fly when you’re having fun, huh? Today, I teamed up with Grey Goose to share the holiday party etiquette you need to know! Today, I’m sharing a few tips and tricks to make sure you’re guaranteed to get invited to the party again next year! Remember to leave a comment below on every single blog post in order to be entered to win the giveaway. I’ll be choosing a winner at random at the end of the 12 days (you won’t want to miss it) to win some of my favorites from each brand that’s been featured!

1. Never Show Up Empty Handed 

Showing up with a little something for your host or hostess is always a nice gesture. As far as Allen and I go- we like to bring a bottle of Grey Goose! Unlike a super fancy bottle of fine scotch that might sit on a shelf and collect dust- Grey Goose is the best way to get the party started! The Grey Goose Flour Tin is a unique way to store the bottle and it gives homage the brand’s origin story! I love that while still being modern, a little nod to tradition is what the holidays are all about!

2. Offer To Help 

Chances are, your host or hostess is going to be pretty frazzled prepping for the party- so offer to help! A simple “Hey can I help you with anything?” or “Do you need anything?” can mean the world. Plus, showing up to the party with a signature cocktail (like the one I have in this post) is a great way to help keep the party going and take some heat off the host! (Be sure to ask for your host’s permission first though!). I ended up making the classic Grey Goose Martini Cocktail; perfect for any celebration.

3. Mingle with Everyone 

If you’re at a larger party with people you don’t know- try talking to everyone! Meeting new people is a great way to expand your network and make new friends! If you’re not the biggest fan of small talk, try some icebreakers- like hot movies or TV shows to get the conversation started. Another go-to of mine is to ask how they know the host or hostess! Remember: people generally love to talk about themselves, so ask a lot of questions!

4. Dress to Impress

If it’s not explicitly stated beforehand on an invitation or even in a text message, ask what the dress code is and stick to it! It’s a sign of good manners and it’s also an excuse to get a super cute outfit! Rule of thumb: it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed!



5. Don’t Cancel Last Minute 

If your party had an RSVP, chances are your host or hostess needed a headcount ahead of time, so do your best not to cancel last minute! If something comes up and you do have to cancel, give your host or hostess a call! It will mean more than a text message and try to let them know with as much time as possible!

6. Be On Time + Don’t Leave Too Late

This is a biggie for dinner parties! Be on time! You don’t want to be the empty seat that’s holding everything up. Similarly, don’t be the last to leave! No one likes someone that overstays their welcome.

So who’s ready to get the party started? Be sure to check out the rest of the 12 Days and check back on the blog tomorrow for Day 12! Thanks to our partnership with Grey Goose, we were able to make a generous donation to Charity Water just in time for the holidays!

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Good luck everyone and see you tomorrow!


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