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LIFESTYLE 1 year ago

The Key to Date Night

Happy Day 6 of the 12 Days of CHRIS-elle! Can you believe we’re already 1/2 way through? Today, I teamed up with my friends at Michael Kors to share what the key to date night is for me. Keep scrolling to discover how Allen and I make a little alone time possible! (PS: make sure you comment on each day of the 12 Days to be entered to win some AMAZING stuff!)

Finding time to have a date night with Allen is so hard but that just means the moments we have together are that much sweeter! Stealing a moment together is made a little bit easier thanks to our Michael Kors Access Watches: Sofie (mine) + Grayson (his). Our watches keep us totally in sync and help us keep track of not only each other’s schedules but also our steps (we’ve been making more of an effort to get more exercise in these days so we’ll share how many steps we took each day).

I’ve been using my Sophie watch for a while now, and after seeing how much I loved it, Allen wanted one too! Between having the customizable face (doesn’t Chloe look so cute on Allen’s watch?) to push notifications, texts and calendar reminders, it keeps both of us on the same page, no matter how insane our days get. I love using the Google Assistant functionality to have it respond to basic commands that are activated by saying, “OK, Google.” My recent top commands as of late have been: “OK Google, how is the traffic to LAX right now” and “OK Google, show me a picture of Allen and CloClo.”

 Just like I use my text alerts to make sure I’m not late for my FaceTime dates with Allen and Chloe when I travel (we FaceTime anywhere from 2-4 times when I’m overseas), Allen uses his alerts to remind him to make Chloe’s lunch when it’s his day to pack her one. I’m so thankful that Allen is so hands-on with Chloe and really takes charge of the household when I’m gone. Couldn’t ask for a better and more accountable partner than him (after Sofie that is! 😉 )

We love having our Sophie and Grayson watches to keep us in sync and I don’t think we could manage a date night without it! Plus, thanks to our partnership with Michael Kors, we were able to make a generous donation to Baby2Baby just in time for the holidays!

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Remember, to enter the 12 Days of Chriselle all you have to do is:

1. Leave a comment down below on this post telling us what your favorite holiday movie is!

2. Come back to the blog every day through December 12th and leave a comment on every post!

3. We will be randomly choosing a winner at the end of the 12 days to be announced no later than one business week after. So remember to comment as much as you want!

Good luck everyone and see you tomorrow!


Photography by Karla Ticas

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