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Why I Quit Coffee for Over a Year

I mean aside from the fact that I was pregnant and had to stop drinking coffee so I didn’t end up with a super hyped up baby .. Amongst all the things I’ve had to cut out of my life (mostly just opting for a more healthy alternative for Chloe), quitting coffee was the hardest thing for me because I was such a coffee addict! Ever since i’ve given birth to Chloe, a lot of you guys have been saying that my skin looks better, I look younger, etc., so today I’m sharing with you guys a part of my lifestyle that I’ve had to quit but has given me immense return since!

I’ve shared a bit to you guys before about my extreme work life & how I would work crazy hours like from 6am until 2am at night .. but I didn’t mention that coffee was the unsung hero in helping me get through those long work hours! I was using coffee as a sleep substitute & with the added crazy work hours, I definitely felt like I aged myself in those first few years.  & I recently came across Garnier’s campaign on how fatigue can age you 5 years .. eep!

Since Chloe, in addition to drinking better waters & smoothies, I’ve also taken to drinking more teas! Teas are so great because they have different leaves that each have ingredients that can help improve your health. For example, green teas are rich in antioxidants & can even help remove your undereye circles. (But more on that in another post). I’ll be the first one to admit that half the joy of drinking coffee is actually simply just making that trip to Starbucks, and being able to hold on to that coffee cup all day (*sigh.. I know I know). Now when I have the urge to make a trip to Starbucks, I’ll usually get an Earl Grey Misto with Coconut Milk (Misto is a Tea made with steamed milk), or sometimes they call it The London Fog Tea Latte. It’s been an underground drink at Starbucks for years now (I discovered it through my sister), but it’s now officially on the menu. It’s a great alternative if you need a detox from Coffee (it only has 40 mg of Caffeine, whereas regular coffee has around 330 mg), but still enjoy the taste of a latte.  They say that you can continue to drink coffee during your pregnancy and while you nurse, but after seeing the positive results in my skin, hair, and body, I decided not to pick it back up again.

But that’s not to say that coffee isn’t for everyone. Life is about balance and personally for me, since I’ve been opting for more sleep & organic substitutes, I’ve been finding that my skin has been noticeably fresher and dewier. But sometimes I do miss that espresso.. just sometimes, especially when the girls at the studio use our Keurig Espresso system!

Now this does not mean that I will never drink coffee ever again, but I am definitely going to see how long I can go without it. Reminding you guys that life is all about variety & sometimes it’s good to switch things up a bit to give your body the rest & love that it deserves!

Happy Tuesday!

Photography by Karen Rosalie