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4 Ways to Drink Spa Water

Recently I got sick.. I originally thought I had the flu (my fever was 108), but it turns out I have mastitis.. Follow me on snapchat: @chrisellelim to find out more! I’ve been getting lots of rest and drinking LOTS of water. I’ve been trying to make it a habit to drink lots of water since my pregnancy even though you guys know that I hate drinking water! I’d much rather be drinking a smoothie, which I get to drink every morning now thanks to my mom, or my fav green juice.

Which is why spa water is the next best thing for me .. fruit infused water has a subtle but yummy and refreshing taste. And recently my mom also showed me how to add frozen fruit ice cubes into my water! (I get all my food tips from my mom.) Adding these ice cubes makes my water tastes like healthy frozen desserts .. not to mention it makes it look very beautiful and delicious!

See below to find out 4 tips to learn how to enhance your spa water!

1. Strawberry + Mint + Water

This is a strawberry mojito that won’t give you a hangover! (Just kidding, it tastes nothing like a strawberry mojito.) To make the strawberry ice cubes, we simply blended strawberries and froze it in ice cube containers for a day. You can also blend your mint leaves (with a bit of water of course) for green ice cubes, but I like how the cut up leaves look frozen! When you’re ready to drink your water, just add a few ice cubes along with strawberries and mint leaves. But be care with the mint leaves though as it can be very strong and will make your water taste bitter!

3. Pineapple + Orange + Water

This is my favorite as I love how refreshing pineapples and oranges taste. And frozen pineapple ice cubes are delicious! So even if you don’t end up putting it in your water, it can be a great dessert for a hot day. Along with your icecubes, add in a few orange slices for a subtle but sweet taste to your water!

3. Blueberry + Blackberry + Water

Berries are high in antioxidants so this is definitely a great way to maximize your health by adding this to your water! And I love how yummy frozen blackberries taste. I love this because you can snack on blueberries and blackberries while drinking your water!

4. Lemon + Water

This is the easiest and most effortless to do, but I love the simple taste of this. You can squeeze lemon juice into your water or just leave a lemon slice with your ice cubes. Either way, that lemony taste makes this water taste citrisy and cool.

Spa water is already really yummy, but now we just made it great. And the best thing about frozen fruit ice cubes is that as it melts, the taste of your water gets better! Which are you guys going to try?

And if you guys have any tips for me on recovering from mastitis, please comment below! I’d love to hear all your experiences on it!

Photography by Karen Rosalie