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Bottom Shelf Beauty Favorites

We’ve all heard of ‘Top Shelf’ beauty.

You know, our very own curated holy-grail list of products we use on the daily that look chic and work great… but what about all of the other stuff we swear by? Inspired by the , and a post I wrote a few years ago called Beauty Products No One Talks About, I gathered some of my favorite maybe not-so-chic beauty products that I adore!

These are the products that I might not display next to my Diptyque candle or my La Mer Cooling Gel Cream, but they’re products that are tried and true and get the job done. Keep scrolling to check out a few of my bottom shelf beauty favorites!

Flamingo Razor

Razors have certainly gotten a makeover since I started shaving! How chic is this one from Flamingo? While any old razor can do the trick, I’ve been seriously so impressed with this razor. It gives such a smooth shave, it’s really comfortable to use and leaves my legs and underarms feeling amazing! It’s under $10 bucks and the replacement razors at only $2.00, so it’s just as affordable as it is chic. Not only are you getting an amazing shave, but you’re also reducing waste by not using disposable razors! That’s a win-win if you ask me.

Flamingo Body — Body Wax Kit

So when I’m not shaving, I’m reaching for my wax strips. At-home waxing has always scared me. Hearing all the horror stories of burns had totally put me off of waxing at home or even considering it until I met these wax strips from Flamingo. I tried the Face Wax Strips first and I was instantly hooked. Since you’re not dealing with a bunch of hot messy wax, that takes a bunch of pressure off of you, and the instructions are easy to follow. They even come with a little ‘post-wax’ cloth to help get off any excess wax and leave your skin feeling SUPER soft and moisturized. I use the Face Wax Strips for peach fuzz and my upper lip, and I love using the Body Wax Strips for my underarms.

Of course, test out a small patch of skin before you go all in to make sure you don’t have any reaction to the strips!

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So there you have it – your first look at my Bottom Shelf Beauty Faves. Would you like to see more? Do YOU have any Bottom Shelf Beauty Faves that you swear by? Drop a comment down below and let me know!


Photography by Karla Ticas
Location: Nomad Hotel DTLA

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