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Let's Talk Lube

Okay, are we ready to talk about lube?

To say it’s still taboo is an understatement. You probably don’t own any, and if you do, it’s most likely shoved to the back of your bedside table drawer in shame. And chances are – you probably have a lube that’s made up of chemicals which are going into your most sensitive and intimate of areas.

So, in a heightened movement of clean beauty and skincare, you’d think it would be a no-brainer to have a lube that’s non-toxic as well. I did some research and found three lubes that are non-toxic, good for you (and your partner).


WOO MORE PLAY – Coconut Love Oil

Coconut Oil Based
Made with virgin coconut oil, vanilla essence, beeswax, and stevia.

Coconut oil is magical no matter what, and using it in a lube seems like a no-brainer! If you’ve ever used coconut oil, you know that it takes a few seconds to warm it up and this lube is no different. It leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized afterward.


Aloe Based
Made with aloe and green tea extract.

This whole line is so much fun! The P.S. I Lube You (love the name) is great if you’re extra sensitive down there and since it’s aloe-based it’s really soothing. Plus, it’s super affordable – less than $10! Doesn’t feel sticky or super slippery at all.


Made with distilled deionized water, organic aloe vera, and hyaluronic acid.

Since this lube is water-based, it’s safe to use with condoms! It’s not sticky at all and is actually really silky smooth. It’s formulated to be a pH level of 4-5, which basically means it supports your body’s natural pH and barrier function. Plus – it won’t stain your sheets and is chic enough to have a spot bedside.


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So, in efforts to destigmatize talk around lube, let’s open up this conversation! There’s so much talk about and around women that’s censored, so I want to have my platform be a place to talk about taboo subjects like lube, vaginal health and more!

What are your thoughts on lube and have you ever used any of these lubes mentioned above? Is there something else you’d like me to talk about? Drop a comment down below and have a great day!

Photography by Karla Ticas

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