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My Holy Grail Skincare

Every year, my skincare routine is constantly evolving. I’m always testing out and experimenting with newest latest and greatest products, and it’s one of my favorite parts of my job to be able to do so! But no matter what I test, I always find my way back to a certain few heros. I call it my holy grail skincare routine! Whether I have a breakout, if I’m traveling, or I have an event to attend, I know that these guys will always keep my skin in check no matter what! These are the products I always find myself repurchasing once they’re empty and find my way back to.



This mild acne treatment is basically a medicated foaming cleanser and I love it! It helps prevent blemishes, and works great on my combination skin. It helps me keep my pores clean and unclogged.

It’s more medicated than your typical cleanser so it’s very important to follow it up with moisturizer afterwards.

Micellar Water

I use this product with a cotton pad after cleansing. It helps ensure that everything is off my skin, especially on days when I wear lots of makeup (like for an event or a shoot).

It’s great for all skin types and you guys know my loyalty to Darphin productsFor those of you that dont use micellar water, this product is great to take out dirt, oil and impurities without drying out your skin.

Detox Mask

This mask goes on as a cream and then starts foaming which activates the ingredients and draws out the impurities of your pores. It’s so cool!

To really see the difference, try doing only half your face! Your skin looks youthful and bright afterwards and feels super soft.

If I know I have to shoot that day, I do this mask in the morning for a few minutes.  It makes a huge difference on camera!

Sheet Mask

The difference between a detox mask and a sheet mask is that a sheet mask is very moisturizing while a detox mask draws out moisture. So on days I’m not doing a detox mask, I will throw on this sheet mask! (Check out my Sheet Mask 101 here!)

This one by 111 Skin. It brightens, moisturizes and stimulates collagen production. What I love about these guys is that you can leave it on for as long as you want and you don’t have to worry about finishing up the rest of your routine cause it’s THAT hydrating.

The days I use this, I go more light on the next few steps. (i.e. my oils and moisturizers)

Eye Recovery Mask + Cooling Eye Roller

I love these little guys. I know it sounds like a lot of masks, but I use them depending on the needs of my skin.

This eye mask is for those late nights or those days when you did not enough sleep. They’re also awesome on flights! To amplify the mask, I’ll take this cooling eye roller and apply the mask on.

The cooling effect really de-puffs my eyes! (They’re also perfect for the morning after a long night out!)


On the days that I dont use a super hydrating mask, I usually do this.

Post cleanser, I’ll go into my essence! A lot you guys know I go between this on and my SKII essence.

Most essences feel like water while this one feels like you’re applying a very light slime on your skin, and it feel like its really sticking to your skin and not evaporating.

Out of all the essences I use, I keep coming back to this one! For those of you not familiar with essences, they open up your pores and really prime your skin to absorb everything!


IS Clinical Active Serum

I discovered this from my dermatologist about 5 years ago and I’ve been using it ever since. This is a great serum for people who have combination skin. If you have larger pores, it’ll tingle slightly and disappears within in a few minutes. Personally, I like that sensation because I feel like it means the product is really working. Ever since I’ve been using this, I haven’t had any crazy breakouts. Though I use it for acne, I’ve heard a lot of women use it to help with wrinkles & to even out skin tone. This is one of those products that you’ll see results immediately after using it!


I discovered serum through my dermatologist as well! They’re very scientific, and if I’m being totally honest, they don’t smell wonderful either. They smell almost clinical but to be honest, I like that. I try to stay away from super fragrant products (though there are some amazing ones). Without getting too scientific, they help keep my skin clear (win) and help prevent signs of aging (another win). They stimulate collagen production and increase elasticity to make your skin more firm and radiant (win win win)!

Goat Milk Moisturizer

My BFF mommashon recommended this moisturizer a while back and I was hesitant at first because she has the opposite skin type as mine. She has very dry skin & this has been her go-to!

I eventually broke down and gave it a try because she was raving about it and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since! It’s light enough for the day and thick enough for the night.

It’s very moisturizing but feels really light in texture. Personally, with combination skin, I have to be careful with thick night creams because they can tend to be heavy and clog my pores.


I’ve said this before, but if you can’t commit to a 10 step night routine, at least once you cleanse & exfoliate- always use oil! It will give you the moisture that you need, whether it be adding oil alone or mixing with my moisturizer, it really adds that extra boost of hydration!

Most of you guys know I’ve been using the Darphin oil for a very long time and I’m actually out!

Another oil I’ve been loving and using is by Vinter’s Daughter after I discovered it on Violet Grey. It’s an active botanical serum & oil all in one!

Acne Treatment

This PCA SKIN Intensive Clarity Treatment®: 0.5% Pure Retinol Night is great if you have acne prone skin! I add this to the areas I tend to get oily, which is usually my T-zone.

A tiny dab of this helps to control the oil and prevent pesky pimples from popping up!

Revitalizing Eye Cream

I went to get a facial from Johanna Vargas about a year ago and she introduced me to her pumpkin extract eye cream and I’ve been using it ever since.

It’s very mild and it gets the job done! It hydrates, is very effective and gives the moisture my eyes need!  Pro-tip:  put it in the fridge to get an extra cooling effect!

There you have it! My Holy Grail Skincare routine. Do you guys use any of the same products, or have any products, not on this list that you swear by? Let me know in the comments below and have a great day!


Photography by Drew Scott