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7 Things To Do in Paris

I can’t believe I’m already back in sunny California starting to prep for New York Fashion Week! My Parisian trip with Chloe was short and sweet, and I’m already missing the croissants and morning strolls with her through Paris. Paris has always been my favorite city, and I’m incredibly happy that I got to explore it with my daughter this year. It was truly a dream come true! Although I am no longer in Paris, today I’d like to share with you guys my 7 things to do in Paris!

1. Have breakfast at Hotel Athenees

The prettiest chandelier display I’ve ever seen in a hotel!

If you’re going to splurge and treat yourself, breakfast at Hotel Athenees would be the place to do it. My team and I came across this place when we were in between shows. We had a few hours to ourselves and we decided to stop by at this hotel for breakfast. But the stunning interior was a surprise to all of us! I liked how it has a twist of modernity to it with the metal pod-like seats!

2. Get chocolate at A La Mere De Famille

One of the oldest chocolate shops that I love in Paris!


I came across this chocolate shop a few trips to Paris ago but it still remains as one of the best chocolate shops I’ve been to in Paris. For starters, it was founded in 1761 and it’s still operated out of its original location! With everything from ice cream to chocolate with candied orange and a hint of vodka, this adorable chocolatier has a little something for everyone. My favorite is the old fashioned macarons because they last longer and they taste a lot fluffier!

3. Get a falafel at Las Du Fallafel

The yummiest falafel I’ve ever had in Paris!

You guys might remember my recommendation for my favorite crepe place at the Le Marais on my last trip to Paris! I just can’t get enough of this area it seems. The falafel at this place is one of the best that I’ve ever had. I love their green sauce, it’s super spicy!

4. Stock up on scents at Durance

Every time I come to Paris I try to make a trip here to stock up on my scents!

Durance is probably my most favorite scent shop in Paris. It has these beautiful scent diffusers in the shape of an actual flower! I haven’t seen anything quite like these anywhere else. Durance was created in 1986 in Southeast France and now sells some of the best smelling candles and oils that I’ve ever had the pleasure to smell!

5. Explore the Palais Royale

I never get bored of this place!



If you guys caught my Traveling with a Baby During Winter post, you guys might have noticed that I took Chloe to the Palais Royale! I came here on my last trip and went to Cafe Kitsune, but this time I had a lot of fun walking through the park with Chloe. Unfortunately it was super cold that day and we couldn’t take her out for very long, luckily I had the sleeping bag to keep her warm for these little adventures!

6. See the night view at Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart has one of the best views of the city that I’ve seen!

Skip the lines waiting for the aerial view at the Eiffel Tower and visit Sacred Heart instead! You can see all of Paris and there is no line for this beautiful view! There is also a church and while there is no photography allowed, it was really nice being able to visit such an old and beautiful church.

7. Visit the Centre Pompidou

Amidst all the classical museums, I love that there is this amazing modern art museum in Paris!


This museum is unique in that it has a beautiful view on the roof! It was super cold and Chloe and I was only able to enjoy it for a little while, but it was a nice surprise nonetheless. The Centre Pompidou houses the Bibliothèque publique d’information (Public Information Library) and the Musée National d’Art Moderne which is one of the most visited modern art museums in the world. If you remember from my snapchats, Chloe really seemed to enjoy it! It was so fun to watch her experience the art and make a new friend too!

And there you have it, my 7 things to do in Paris! Hope this helps inspire you guys to visit my most favorite city in the world!







Photography by Karen Rosalie