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Traveling with a Baby During Winter

I did it!!! I successfully traveled with Chloe overseas to and from Paris and now we’re back in LA. I’ve traveled with Chloe multiple times to New York and back but this was my first time going overseas with her. I was initially so excited to bring Chloe with me and then the day before we were supposed to leave, I started to have a panic attack. A number of doubtful thoughts started to consume my mind to the point where I was questioning if I should still bring her. (I’m sure all first time mamas have gone through this before!) But nonetheless I decided to fight through my doubts and I’m so glad that I did because we made memories that will last a lifetime that wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t bring Chloe. I was sooo happy to see her walking around at the Palais Royal!

I wanted to dedicate today’s post to all the mamas out there that are traveling with their babies for the first time. I spent hours online researching for things I needed to prepare for this trip to Paris, but wish I had a comprehensive list somewhere that I could just check things right off. I was particularly nervous because it was so cold in Paris and I wanted to make sure I was properly prepared. So here’s my guide to traveling with your baby during winter!


1. Rain Cover Stroller

Thank god I bought this before my trip! I used it a number of times with the unexpected rain in Paris. We were still able to go out and about during the day on our walks and strolls no matter rain or shine. And it kept Chloe nice and warm inside the stroller so it was great!

2. Hat & Mittens

Even though you have a hoodie on the baby’s jacket, you want to make sure that your baby has a hat that will cover his/her ears. We never left the house without a pair of mittens and a hat such as this one.

3. Puffer Jacket

My best friend got Chloe this coat for her Christmas present and it was the best and most used present we’ve ever received. I love how lightweight it is because it allows the baby to move and breathe in it while keeping her warm. This coat is made out of light, warm air tech material which keeps the cold wind out. The body is also fleece lined for extra warmth!

4. Medicine

It’s important to carry around medicine especially when traveling abroad. Chloe unfortunately got a bit sick on this trip so thank God I had my meds on hand. I always carry around Little Remedies nose drops which I swear by. This has been the most used product during our trip to Paris because Chloe was so congested! It was the only thing that would give her relief. (Then I would suction it out with the nasal thing that it comes with!)

Chloe does not take medicine orally well at all and spits it out whenever I try to give it to her. I try to limit her intake of medicine, but when she does have a fever I prefer to give her Tylenol Feverall because you give it to them rectally.

5. First Aid Kit

You just never know when you will have an accident and you always have to prepare for the worst. That’s why I always travel with a mini first-aid kit with me wherever I go. It includes everything from nail clippers to band aids, a thermometer and nasal aspirator!

6. Snowsuit

Although it didn’t snow in Paris I bought one anyway because I was so paranoid of how cold it would get. I used this snowsuit either in the morning or at night when it got really chilly. I would zip her into it after she got dressed as her final layer. It kept her really warm and I didn’t have to worry about if she was going to catch a cold. If I used the snowsuit I didn’t use the 7am Enfant blanket. You also have to be careful that they don’t overheat!!

7. Footed Fleece Pajamas

I have to admit they are not the cutest PJ’s but they are the warmest that I’ve found. I bought a number of these to use to bundle her up to keep warm. I use them not only in Paris but also back at home. We don’t blast the heater at night because that’s not good for babies so it’s important that we keep her super warm when she sleeps.

8. Long Sleeved Onesies

I bought a pack of these at Target because they are simply the best layering piece. I always start her outfit with a simple white onesie then add on her outfit on top of it. These are great to buy in bulk for traveling as well because you never know when your baby will have a big accident. You can always just roll these up and throw them away if she has an unexpected explosion (lol yes, they do happen one too many times… especially while traveling! #momproblems)

9. Baby Lotion

Chloe has a mild case of eczema and in the winter her skin gets even more irritated and dry. I’ve used a number of different creams but have found that the Babyganics Eczema cream had been the most effective. It’s made out of Colloidal oatmeal which soothes and reliefs those rough patches.

10. Heat Eco Leggings

I have a pair of these myself and they are the best. I usually layer these heat tech leggings underneath Chloe’s jeans or pants that’s she’s wearing for the day. These long johns keep you warm and dry even in the coldest weather!

11. 7am Enfant

We first used this in New York (thanks to Eva Chen who let me borrow hers), and soon realized we needed one for our trip to Europe. We jokingly call it Chloe’s sleeping bag because she starts to get super sleepy whenever she’s in it since it keeps her body so warm. It’s super versatile and durable, and it adapts to any stroller or car seat and converts into a large blanket. It’s constructed with an ergonomic hood, thermal filling and a waterproof shell which kept Chloe warm in midst of the freezing cold.

And there you have it, the 11 essential items I brought with me when traveling with a baby during the winter! I hope that these suggestions have helped you out with your winter travels with your little one. These are also great things to have on hand during the winter whether you are traveling or not. In my next Motherhood Monday post I’ll be talking about flying with your little one overseas. I was going to originally add it in this post but realized that I could write an entire article alone about plane rides with babies. It’s not the easiest thing in the world but I promise you that it’s worth it. Although it can be tough you will be making memories that will last you a lifetime!



Photography by Karen Rosalie