TRAVEL 5 years ago

A Week of Wellness

I had THE best time in Texas last week!

I was actually born in Fort Worth, Texas… but this year’s #CINCretreat was my first time in Austin! If you remember from this post here, our first #CINCretreat was at the gorgeous Miraval Resort in Tuscon, Arizona. We had the best time relaxing and bonding there and were so excited to be invited back to Miraval at their newest resort in ATX. It just so happened to fall around my birthday and my business partner Lauren’s birthday, too! Isn’t it great how that all worked out? 

We flew the whole CINCteam out to Austin for a week of wellness, meditations, group activities, and spa treatments. The team’s favorite part by far was the team building exercise at the Hill Country Challenge Course right when we arrived! There was a cargo net to climb, a hanging bridge of swings, a log and a tightrope to walk across. Best part? We all had to do it together! The finale for the course was ziplining over a view of some of the greenest trees ever. That was the first activity we did upon arrival and the entire team was buzzing about it the entire trip!



Another memorable team-bonding moment was our Texas Two-Step class! If you follow me on Instagram, you know we’re planning to take our two-step skills back to LA. We all partnered up with each other and were basically laughing the entire time. I think it’s safe to say that while we may not be the best two-step dancers…we had the best time learning and practicing it!

What I love most about Miraval (besides the fact that they arguably have the fluffiest beds in history) were all of the wellness, meditation and spa treatments they offered. There was truly something for everyone on the team. One of my personal favorites was the Floating Meditation, which was a meditation class in hanging silks. It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I felt like I was floating in mid-air. Following the meditation, I was able to do a treatment called ‘NÂGA’ which uses the same hanging silks to do a full Thai stretch. I could really feel the tension being stretched from my body.


The rest of the CINCteam was able to do some amazing activities, too! There was stand up paddle boarding and kayaking in Lake Travis, there was horseback riding through the gorgeous Miraval property, and of course – chilling by the pool with local kombucha on tap and guac and chips was an all-around favorite! We loved that there were water stations throughout the resort to keep us hydrated along with green juices, unlimited almond lattes, and wellness shots.

As my schedule continues to get crazier, it’s even more important for me to take the time to clear my head and just give myself a break every now and then. Last week was a wonderful reminder of that. A huge thank you to my friends at the Miraval Resorts – you guys really know how to treat a girl for her birthday! My team and I had an unforgettable time and there is nothing more priceless than a gift of wellness and relaxation.



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Click here to watch our Miraval video!

Photography by Karla Ticas