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3 Cafes in Paris You Need to Visit

Now that I’ve been home for a few days, I’m really starting to miss certain things about Paris that were a part of my daily routine while I was there. Things like being able to wear layers, having the perfect photo-op down every street and most of all, the cute little corner cafes! The Parisian lifestyle is much slower paced than it is in the United States. People in Paris really take their time to enjoy their coffee before rushing to their next engagement. As I’ve been in LA, and as things get busier and busier as we prep to leave for Seoul Fashion Week, one thing that I miss the most about Paris is having those relaxing mornings with my team enjoying breakfast at a cafe before we start our day of shows. So I’m sharing the 3 best cafes in Paris that I’m really missing, and that should be at the top of your list if you ever visit!

1. Cafe Kitsune

Cafe Kitsune was probably one of my favorite cafes because I was able to meet up with my long time Instagram/girl crush Shini of Park and Cube! This cafe is really cute because it has outdoor seating at the park, which is relaxed & hidden form hustle & bustle of the Parisian streets. Another amazing part about Cafe Kitsune is that it’s conveniently located next to a really delicious macaron place. We were able to enjoy some amazing French desserts with our coffee! Unfortunately it started raining during our coffee date, but we were able to escape the rain by going into the cafe itself for a more intimate & cozy setting. Fashion Week is so busy, but I’m glad I was able to meet up with Shini. I’m a huge admirer of her work. Like I said in my How to Start a Blog post, I think its very important to meet up with like-minded individuals. One of the ways I was able to grow my business was collaborating and supporting others in the industry. That’s my biggest tip to all you aspiring bloggers out there: always reach out and connect with others in your field, whether you’re blogging or not!

2. Angelina’s

Angelina is world renowned for having the best hot chocolate in Paris. So of course my team had to make a stop here to enjoy breakfast and hot chocolate! We got the Angelina breakfast, which has baguette, fruit, an omelette & of course their amazing stick-to-your-teeth hot chocolate! If you guys follow me on snapchat (@chrisellelim), you might remember how I almost died from happiness while drinking this. It was the perfect blend of milk and chocolate and even now, I wish I could wake up to a cup of the amazing hot chocolate here in LA, if only it wasn’t 100 degrees. The best part of this cafe is that once you’re done eating, you can make a stop at the pastries & dessert counter for some delicious & beautiful treats.

3. Cafe De Flore

I knew I had to visit this place when I read somewhere that Karl Lagerfeld frequents Cafe De Flore every night! Unfortunately, we went during the afternoon before our shows, so we didn’t get to see him. Even though we didn’t get to see Mr. Lagerfeld, it was a beautiful cafe to get breakfast with the team before we headed out. When I was in Paris, I basically had an omelette every morning with an espresso & baguette. I’d like to think I’ve become sort of an expert on omelette. I definitely recommend getting breakfast here! The one thing about Parisian cafes that I didn’t care too much for was that outdoor seating tends to be the smoking area, which was really disappointing. But even still, there’s nothing quite like drinking coffee at a Parisian cafe while people watching. That’s why I liked Cafe de Flore, there’s a glass partition so I could enjoy my coffee with out smelling all of the smoke!

I know that these cafes are a lot more well known (with good reason) but I also really enjoyed ducking into a random cafe that I’ve never heard of for that afternoon pick me up. Traveling is all about spontaneity, and being in the moment! So I hope that you guys not only visit these spots, but find favorites of your own! Do you have any favorites? Let me know in the comments below!

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Photography by Karen Rosalie