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Food 3 years ago

3 Cool Summer Drinks

As LA peaks at 100 degrees this past week, I thought I’d share with you guys 3 cool drinks for this summer! I’m not a huge fan of alcohol to be honest (except the occasional glass of wine with Allen on date night) so I’m always looking for yummy (and pretty) juices to try. If you guys are throwing a BBQ this July 4th weekend like me .. try serving these drinks to not only wow your guests but keep them refreshed and cool!

1. Strawberry & Rose

I know, strawberry.. yes, but rose.. what? Strawberry is my favorite fruit and I love how sweet strawberries taste. No matter what season it is, strawberries are always a great fruit to have around. It’s a great source of Vitamin-C and can decrease cardiovascular disease. I always have roses around the house, and including the roses is a fun way to spice up your drink! (Not literally of course.) Make sure you wash the petals first!

2. Fresh Coconut Water

Let me tell you guys .. there is no greater accomplishment than finally breaking open a coconut. I mean .. except giving birth of course. But anyway, I’ve always loved coconut but there’s nothing quite like eating fresh coconut. Aside from the fact that coconuts are so good for your skin and overall body, I love how creamy and yummy coconut tastes. You don’t need to be on vacation to enjoy a good coconut!

3. Pineapple

Pineapple has to be the trending fruit of the year. But aside from how picturesque pineapples are, they’re just plain delicious and refreshing! Cut them into pieces and add them to your drink .. or find out 7 more ways to use pineapple. This is one fruit that you must have this summer!

And there you have it, 3 cool summer drinks that you must try!



Photography by Karen Rosalie

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3 Cool Summer Drinks

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