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Royal Blue Sweater & Asymmetrical Skirt

I'm starting this Monday off with yet another easy and effortless one piece sweater dress! Just kidding. It's actually two pieces but this royal blue sweater was made for this asymmetrical wrap skirt (the blue in the skirt is [...]

Outfits 3 years ago

Duo Tones In The City

I've always been a fan of identical tops and bottoms , but never knew that I would be relying on them to get me quickly (and chicly) out of the house!

Outfits 3 years ago

Off The Streets

Mixing the unconventional with the conventional, the unexpected with the expected, and of course the highs and lows. Here's the very first lookbook that I styled called “Off The Streets.”

Fashion 3 years ago

Color Therapy

It has been known for eons that color plays a major role in one's mood or state of mind. Wearing the right or wrong color can affect one's feelings, moods, and emotions.

Outfits 3 years ago

Cool Kids on the Block

Varsity jackets and stairs reminds me of a 90's rap song. Except fast forward 15 years i'm here today with some incredibly exciting news!

Outfits 3 years ago

Oversized Perfection

Never underestimate the power of a great outfit, it has a a way of transforming your body mind, and soul.

Outfits 3 years ago

Seeing Stars

  Photography by Karen Chen  They say surround yourself with people that either believe, support, or inspire you. I can say one of my closest...

Outfits 4 years ago

{Floral PowerPlay} Tailored Trousers

Found this beautiful floral suit at Satine Boutique the other day, and knew I had to have it! I generally stick to high waisted pants when wearing...

Outfits 5 years ago

{Sneak Peek } Silk Maxi + Gladiator Sandals

I’ve been a long time fan of Satine boutique, for the most obvious reason their clothes, but also I became extremely close to Jeannie- the founder....

Fashion 5 years ago


Photography by Jana Williams Spent the day yesterday in Venice in this floral print dress paired with this leather jacket. If there were 2 words...

Outfits 5 years ago

White Peplum + Interns

Photography by Jana Williams  Happy Friday Loves!! Immeditaely fell in love with this white Peplum jacket from Carven when I saw it at Satine Boutique...

Outfits 5 years ago

Gloom & grey

Photography by – Jana Williams There are so many leather jackets out there, but to find that perfect one can be quite daunting season after...

Outfits 5 years ago