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I realized it’s been a long time since I did my last empties post.

To be honest, I stopped doing it because it was really hard to empty out a product within a month’s time. So, I decided that instead of trying to empty a bunch of products every month, I’ll bring it back when I feel like I’ve got enough noteworthy empties to talk to you guys about.

These last few months, I’ve made it a point to try new products. Since I’m postpartum, I’ve been extra careful about the products I’ve been putting on my face and skin, so I’ve been testing a lot of new natural products as well. I’m excited to say that I’ve emptied a lot of really amazing new products – including some great clean beauty.

A lot of these products are a mix of hair and skin care items including some newbies that I’ve never talked about before!

Keep scrolling to check which products I finished dry…

1. Conditioner & Hair Mask from Sachajuan

I first discovered and fell in love with this brand thanks to the Amastan hotel. I usually stay at the Amastan Hotel when I’m in Paris and they carry Sachajuan shampoo & conditioner in their showers. These past few years while I’ve stayed there, I always ended up using the Sachajuan products because they’re so good as opposed to the travel shampoo/conditioner I would otherwise pack myself!

Since I was pregnant last year, I didn’t do any traveling and I knew I needed to get my hands on that shampoo and conditioner to have here in LA! First of all, it’s got gorgeous packaging and looks great in any bathroom, but it also WORKS. I’m completely in love with their Hair Repair Mask and Normalizing Conditioner– and believe me when I say these guys are completely empty.

If you’ve never heard of Sachajuan before, they’re a brand out of Stockholm that believes that less is more. They only use ingredients that they need for purity and performance. Nothing more and nothing less!

2. Turmeric 2-in-1 Brightening & Exfoliating Mask by Kora Organics

This was actually the key product that introduced me to the Kora Organics line- and I’ve used it non-stop since! I started using this guy when I was pregnant and I finished it off just last week! It sits in my shower and I use it about 2-3 times a week. During my pregnancy, my skin was very dull, so this was a great way to exfoliate, brighten and help decongest my pores.

One of my favorite parts about this mask is that you can use it as a scrub, or have it stay on longer as a mask. Though I will say, it’s a little rough if you’re using it just as an exfoliator, so a little goes a long way.

3. Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil from Biossance

I’ve been using this oil for years now! (If you’d like to see a more in-depth review of it, click HERE)After a few months, I finally finished off this bottle! If you’re looking for a light oil that absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy or heavy- then this is the oil for you! There are certain oils that I like to use at night like this one from Darphin– but this Biossance oil is great for the day AND night! Not to mention it smells like an actual rose garden!

I love that Biossance is one of the cleanest beauty brands on the planet, which is an extra bonus. When I was first introduced to these products, I will say I was a little skeptical… I didn’t know if clean beauty would actually be effective. After trying and testing it, I found that this brand is proof that clean beauty can do absolute wonders for your skin!

I’ll definitely be stocking up on this oil again!

4. Active Botanical Refining Toner & Pure Balancing Botanical Face Oil from Circumference

The first time I saw this brand was when I was in one of my favorite shops in LA- The Line. I was actually shopping for some home goods when I stumbled upon these products. Well, less stumbled and more like made a bee-line to the skincare section! These two products were so beautiful I couldn’t help but wonder what they were all about. Naturally, I had to give them a try!

After I bought them, I did a little research on the Circumference brand! I found that they’re a totally ethical brand, they’re toxin and guilt-free because they believe that skincare shouldn’t only support your skin but it should also support the planet. It doesn’t hurt that their packaging is some of the most beautiful design I’ve ever seen! I love that every detail about these products were chosen mindfully. From the glass bottles to using biodegradable or recycled materials.

Of the two products I tried, my favorite was the Active Botanical Toner.  It’s the most refreshing and cooling toner I’ve ever tried. It has a base of lavender and organic aloe leaves, is jam-packed with anti-oxidants and omega-rich botanicals. It’s cooling because it also works as a gentle astringent, which helps minimize the appearance of pores and hydrate your skin.

So I know I said the toner was my favorite but the Pure Balancing Oil is right up there too! It smells divine and includes botanicals such as prickly pear, jojoba with essential fatty acids and antioxidants. It’s a super light oil that you can wear day and night.

5. Superfood Facial Oil by Elemis

So as you guys can probably tell by now- I love my oils! Three empty oils in this post alone. Seriously though, not a day goes by that I don’t have oil on my face. I first featured this brand on this post here– which was around Christmastime two years ago- and since then Elemis has become a skin care staple for me!

This superfood oil is exactly what it says it is- a superfood for your face! It has a ton of antioxidants and omegas for an amazing radiant glow! It even has omega rich broccoli and flaxseed to plump and soothe your skin. It’s very lightweight (which I love), and it instantly absorbs into your skin. Plus- it’s won a few awards including the Women’s Health best face oil award in ’18!

6. Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream from Youth to the People

I was a bit skeptical about this brand when I was first introduced to it. I felt like it looked very young (as the brand name suggests) and I’m always hesitant about brands that feel too ‘young and cool’ because sometimes they’re more marketing and buzz and less actual skincare.

Boy, was I wrong! I first discovered this brand while I was pregnant as I was looking for more clean beauty to try out. I had heard a lot about YTTP from the girls around the office and decided to give it a try! I’m also huge on reviews and ratings online and this cream has nearly 5 stars on Sephora- which is kind of a big deal!

I absolutely loved it. It’s super moisturizing and rich but doesn’t clog my pores. It just melts into your skin and doesn’t leave an oily residue behind. I have combination type skin so I’m always extra cautious when it comes to thicker creams but this moisturizer feels so light and airy- almost like whipped cream!

One of the things that stood out to me about this cream was its ingredients list. It has ashwagandha in it which is an ingredient I’d never heard of for skincare! Lo and behold, it’s actually full of amazing healing herbs that treat stress and exhaustion! Ding ding! Plus, it has reishi mushrooms which help balance your skin.

It was the first product I’ve tried from this line and I’m totally impressed. It’s clean beauty and the price point is great at only $58! I would definitely buy again- and our Editorial Director, Jane just emptied out her second SuperFood Antioxidant cleanser from them.

7. Hyaluronic Serum from Dr. Barbara Sturm

You guys know this product is really good when this might be the 5th bottle I’ve emptied! It’s a little on the pricier side but I can say with full confidence that it’s worth every single penny! It might be the best hyaluronic acid I’ve ever come across. It’s deeply hydrating and it makes my skin feel amazing- I actually don’t go a day without it! I don’t want to go into too much detail about this product as I’ve talked about it in depth on the blog before (click here to check it out)!


So that wraps up my first round of empties for this year! I really hope you enjoyed this post and maybe discovered some new products on the way, too! As you guys probably know, I’m a creature of habit when it comes to my skincare so I promise to be on the lookout for and trying new skincare products! 

Let me know if there are any products you’ve emptied out that I should try! 

Photography by Karla Ticas
Top: Self Portrait

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