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What's Actually On Our Desks

We’ve talked about a lot of different kinds of products on the blog.

I’ve shared what’s on my bathroom shelf, the products no one talks about, we’ve discussed body lotion vs. body oil, and we’ve even talked about certain super powders, but we’ve never talked about what’s actually on our desks! The CINCteam and I each have our own desks in the new office, but it’s amazing how much we’ve made them our own.

Keep scrolling to discover the CINCapproved necessities for the perfect desk:


For Work

+ Laptop

An obvious necessity, unless of course, you work off a desktop computer! If you bring your laptop to and from work, one of the best tips I can give you is to keep a charger at home and at the office! That way you never forget it and you won’t accidentally leave your charger at work over a long weekend and be stuck with a dead laptop!

+ Notebook

If you’re old school like I am, you need to write things down! Having a notebook for to-do lists and reminders and the like is such a great way to keep track of everything. Something about having a tangible list in front of me keeps everything in order!

+ Headphones

While I love being in the office with the CINCteam, sometimes I need to really focus! A pair of noise-canceling headphones like these means I can totally focus while listening to some music or a podcast! You guys know how much I looooooove my podcasts (should I do an updated story on the ones I’m listening to right now?)!

+ Mophie

Okay, having a portable charger is probably the best thing you can buy. For your desk, for your purse, for your carry-on, anywhere! I’m notorious for having a dead/dying phone so now that I keep a portable charger like this one on me, I never have to worry about it! It’s saved my phone’s life so many times! There’s nothing like that 6% battery struggle, am I right?

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For Beauty

+ Lip Balm

Nobody likes chapped lips! It’s crusty, your lips are dry and cracked, your glosses and lipsticks don’t look the same, I can go on forever… So, I always like to have some lip balm at my desk! Right now I’ve been loving this one from Go-To and this one from HerbEssntls!

+ Lipstick

I’m always trying out new products, so it’s easy for me to grab a lipstick if my look needs a little pick me up. But, you’d be surprised at how much I reach for an emergency lipstick! If there’s a last minute meeting or lunch, or even happy hour after work- a bold lip can’t go wrong!

+ Roll-on-Perfume, Dry Shampoo, & a Powder Compact

Having a little beauty arsenal at your desk is great for last-minute touch-ups! Sometimes scents fade so having a roll-on perfume is a great way to freshen up. Same goes for dry shampoo. Travel sized stuff is great to keep at your desk because you never know where the day will take you (especially in my industry).

+ Mini Jade Roller

If you guys remember from this post here, the CINCteam and I love face-rollers! They’re super soothing and great for getting rid of under eye bags. This mini one is perfect for keeping at your desk or in your purse!

+ Hand Lotion

Offices are notoriously chilly and dry so a nice smelling hand lotion not only looks great on your desk but can help keep your hands moisturized and hydrated. The CINCteam loves this one from Byredo and this one from Chanel!

+ Mints & a Multi-Vitamin

Mints are always great to have at an arm’s reach. Instant fresh breath without having to chew gum/throw it out? What’s not to love about mints? The team and I also like to keep a multi-vitamin at our desks. It keeps them right under our noses so we don’t forget to take them. To check out the other supplements the team and I love, click here!

For Everything Else

+ Storage

If you don’t have a drawer in your desk, one of these clear acrylic drawers from Amazon is great for storage! You can see where everything is and store a lot of the smaller things that you might not want all over your desk! They’re also great for bathroom storage!

+ Chic Mug

Use it for your coffee, tea or even as a pencil holder! A chic mug is a great way to add some personality to your desk and stay organized.

+ Inspiration

Since I work in fashion, I love having magazines at my desk! Looking through the editorials is a great way to get inspiration and take my eyes off my electronics for a few.

+ Candle

Candles are so great to have around! They’re warm, they smell nice and look great on your desk. If you can’t have an open flame at your office, a diffuser is also amazing!


Not pictured – but we love to keep healthy snacks like gr8nola and all kinds of chocolate around the office for that 3 PM pick me up.

Do you guys have something that you always have on your desk? We want to know! Drop a comment down below and tell us.

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Photography by Karla Ticas

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