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So You Fell Asleep With Your Makeup On...

So you fell asleep with your makeup on… now what? We’ve all been there (and I’m actually really guilty of doing this one too many times)! It was a long night out, you’re tired, you had a few drinks and the last thing on your mind is to take off your makeup and wash your face. So, your head hits the pillow and however many hours later, you wake up to realize you’ve committed the #1 crime against your skin. So what do you do? Don’t worry, I got you.

A while ago I had one of the best facials ever from facials Joanna Czech she taught me what to do!

1. Wash it Off

First thing you want to do is wash it all off with an oil-based cleanser. I use this one is from Darphin, all the time! When you go out at night, you’re probably wearing more makeup than you normally do, so you want to make sure you really get it all off. If you sleep with all of that makeup on, it’s probably really sunken into your pores. That calls for double cleansing!

2. Follow up Cleanser

The second step in the double cleansing process is to follow up with a more gentle milk-based cleanser like this one here! Since your skin is probably really irritated from all of that makeup, this cleanser is great because it has calming ingredients like chamomile. Avoid harsh scrubbing at all costs.

3. Micellar Water

To make sure you absolutely got every little bit of makeup off, grab some micellar water and a cotton ball to wipe down your skin! This one is great because it gets rid of any impurities left on your skin and is hydrating too!

4.  Multi-Mask

The next step is multi-masking (remember my post about it here?) I have combination skin, so this solution works best for me, however, if you have acne prone skin- I’d recommend going straight to a purifying clay mask (like this one here!) I put on this brightening mask (check it out here) on the areas where I’m not too oily to bring back some radiance to my skin. If I sleep with my makeup on, it’s almost guaranteed that I’ll break out, so I’ll grab this detox mask and put it in the areas that I’m most pimple-prone, which is my t-zone.

5. Use a Hydrating Toner

After the mask, grab a toner like this one! This is a moisturizing toner so it will balance your skin’s PH levels, plus deliver some much-needed moisture to your dehydrated skin.

6. Add Moisture Back

This Tiger Grass serum by Dr. Jart+ is so amazing, even if you have sensitive skin! But let’s be honest, if you ended up falling asleep with your makeup on- no matter what skin type you have- your skin is pretty sensitive and irritated right now. From the same line, this moisturizer is extremely hydrating. (If you have dry patches anywhere, this is great too!) It soothes and hydrates!

7. Sheet-Mask

All hail the sheet mask! After my ‘Oh-Shit-I-Slept-In-My-Makeup-Skincare-Routine’ I’ll grab a hydrating sheet mask like this one to finish everything off. It will really push in all of the goodness you just put on your skin and add an extra layer of much-needed hydration. Leave it on for as long as possible to bring your skin back to life!

Of course, avoid sleeping in your makeup at all costs (click here to see some other skincare mistakes you’re probably making), but even the biggest skin obsessed people like me have those days too. No one is perfect! Do you have any morning after skin tips you swear by? Let me know in the comments below!


Photography by Karla Ticas