Beauty 6 years ago


I can preach about masking all day every day, in my sleep, on a plane… you guys know how much I love them! There are so many benefits for different masks: detoxing, extracting, moisture, you name it- there’s a mask for it! (If you missed it, check out my Sheet Mask 101 post here!) But sometimes you need to target different needs for different areas on your skin and you don’t have that much time to use different types of masks all day. So recently, I’ve been all about Multi-Masking!

Basically, I map out my skin based on its needs in particular areas and use different masks for each area! It’s amazing if you’ve got combination skin. Keep scrolling to see how I do it:

1.  Chantecaille : Eye Mask

I always start with my Chantecaille eye mask! You probably recognize this little gold package from some of my previous posts, but when I say I love these- I really do! I really struggle with my under eyes, and this little mask really helps to de-puff and brighten up my dark circles. It’s great before shoots and even better after long international flights!

2. PCA Skin: Detoxifying Mask

Living and working in such a big city means I’m exposed to a lot of airborne toxins, and they can make my skin go crazy! So every once and a while, I’ll break out this detoxifying mask. I apply this guy where my pores usually get clogged, so basically around my t-zone: my forehead, in between my eyebrows, my cheeks, and chin. It’s a great mask to absorb excess dirt and grime and leaves my skin looking so much brighter, healthier and happier!

3. Sunday Riley : Sulfer Acne Treatment Mask

Fair warning, this mask is made with sulfur, which doesn’t exactly smell fantastic. But once you get past the scent, you’ll keep coming back. I fill in the rest of my face with this acne mask as it helps fight acne and prevent future blemishes. In the spirit of multi-masking, it’s also a fantastic spot treatment mask! I put this mask at the base of my chin and the sides of my nose- where I usually get those pesky pimples.

Have you guys tried muti-masking yet? Will you? Let me know in the comments below and have a great day!


Photography by Drew Scott