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10 Skincare Mistakes You're Probably Making

Hey everyone, it’s Hannah! I’m back on the blog today (if you missed my last couple of posts, check them out here and here) to talk about the 10 skincare mistakes you’re probably making. I’ve learned SO much from Chriselle in the past few years, and I’ve also learned what NOT to do- especially when it comes to my skin!

Now, my skin isn’t nearly as ~flawless~ as Chriselle’s, but I’m working on it! I’m definitely guilty of most of these skincare offenses, but ever since I cleaned up my act, my skin has improved leaps and bounds. The best part is, these mistakes are easy to fix! Something as simple as taking your makeup off at the end of the day (a no-brainer, I know, but still!) or having a night moisturizer vs. a day moisturizer can really make all the difference!

Mistake No. 1: Not Cleaning Your Phone 

If you’re like me, you have your phone glued to you at all times. And even if you wash your hands a million times a day, your phone screen still picks up tons of bacteria. And then you make a phone call and all of that grossness goes right on to your face… It took a minute to get into the habit, but try to wipe your phone down every day with a disinfecting wipe, or even a makeup wipe! Your skin will thank you. Also, try to wash your pillowcases as often as possible!

Mistake No. 2: Sleeping with Makeup On 

At this point, there really is no excuse for forgetting to take off your makeup. But I get it, s#*t happens. I use the Glossier Milk Jelly Cleanser to get my makeup off, but a great trick a friend of mine uses is to keep some makeup remover wipes (like these) next to your bed! That way you see it right before you go to bed so you don’t forget, or if you had a little too much ~fun after a night out, the makeup wipes are right there waiting for you!

Mistake No. 3: Only Moisturizing at Night

High-school me was SO guilty of this. I would only moisturize my skin at night and not in the morning after I washed my face. I thought that too much moisture would mess up my makeup and make my face oily. Boy, was I wrong. Give yourself a few minutes to let the moisturizer set in before starting your makeup, and you’ll notice a difference I promise. PS: the Kate Somerville Goat Milk moisturizer is incredible!

Mistake No. 4: Only Wearing Sunscreen at the Beach 

You need to wear sunscreen every day no matter what. Okay? Okay. I’m not the best at remembering to do this, but nobody’s perfect. I alternate between the Glossier Invisible Shield and this one by Juice Beauty. Just one itty bitty step before you put on your makeup can save your skin down the road. And don’t just put it on your face either! Don’t forget your neck, chest, and shoulders, too!

Mistake No. 5: Using the Same Moisturizer for Day and Night 

Okay, so you use moisturizer day and night, YAY! But is your daily moisturizer too much for the daytime? Too little moisture for overnight? Sometimes moisturizers have SPF built in, which is great for day, but not so great for overnight. Try using something with extra moisture at night, like this, and leaving the built-in SPF for daytime!

Mistake No. 6: Never Exfoliating or Exfoliating Too Much

High-school Hannah exfoliated every night, and college Hannah never exfoliated at all. Both were bad. Thanks to what we at the office call ‘The Chriselle Effect,’ I started using a gentle exfoliator about once a week and I was amazed at how quickly my skin changed. It was so much softer, and I didn’t break out as much! I exfoliate every Sunday, as kind of a mini-spa treatment for myself before the week starts.

Mistake No. 7: Changing Products Too Quickly 

I made this mistake this past summer and let me tell you, my complexion paid for it. I was so excited for a new cleanser and moisturizer that I picked up that I changed my skincare routine overnight- ignoring the warnings from my best friend, mom and the internet. I broke out SO BAD. It’s taken me months to get my skin back to normal and I swore to myself I’d never make this mistake ever again. If you’re going to incorporate a new product into your routine, ease it in. Similarly, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Mistake No. 8: Constantly Touching Your Face

I think I was guilty of this, like, ten minutes ago. I do it subconsciously, but I’m trying to stop! Get your friends or coworkers to call you out when they spot you touching your face and don’t pick at your blemishes in the mirror! Also, don’t pop your pimples. Just don’t.

Mistake No. 9: Not Drinking Enough Water

I get distracted pretty easily, so it’s not unlike me to completely forget to drink water. I have to make a conscious effort to have a bottle or cup of water by me at all times, especially during long days at work! I’m also trying to get in the habit of drinking a glass of water before I have my coffee in the morning.

Mistake No. 10: Forgetting to Wash Your Makeup Brushes

I try to remember to wash my makeup brushes every two weeks or so with baby shampoo. Makeup brushes hold on to a lot of things besides your makeup, like bacteria and dead skin cells. And if you use a beauty blender- clean that even more often!

So are you guys guilty of some of these mistakes too? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to keep an eye out for my next post!



Photography by Drew Scott