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Style Tips for Petite Girls

I know plenty of petite girls who struggle to find clothing that not only fit them, but that looks good. In today’s episode of Styled by Chriselle, I’m styling my girl Idalia. She might be tiny but she’s got BIG style. So for a new episode of Styled by Chriselle (ICYMI: make sure to see how I styled Laura and Hannah in previous episodes), I styled Idalia in some amazing looks that fit her personality and her body type! And since Idalia also has some awesome style tips for petite girls, I did a quick little interview to pick her brain about her style. Scroll down to read it!

1. How would you describe your body type?

I consider myself petite (but with a booty!). It’s always a fun challenge for me to emulate what I see on the runway/magazines and tweak it to fit my body type. 

2. Are there certain trends/looks that look better on petite people vs. taller people?

Hmm… good question. Because I managed models for such a long time, I became very receptive to what does not work for shorter people. This is where I get tall people FOMO.  Personally, I stay away from “boyfriend jeans” as I look like an oompa loompa (No offense Willy), high-ankled shoes (Always always always show ankles! They elongate legs), and billowy tops (No need to look preggers if you’re not). 

3. What do you do wear when you want to feel extra confident?

Not to sound like a cheeseball but confidence REALLY does have to come from within. If you feel like you can rock an outfit and you really work it, you’ll convince everyone the same.  It’s a mood thing with me. If I’m feeling cranky, no matter what I wear will feel sh*tty. If I’m in a great mood, I can probably wear a garbage bag and go skipping down the streets of SoHo whistling Zipadee Doo Daa. 

4. Do you have any styling tricks/tips?

Tailoring is key. Buy clothes that actually fit and if they don’t, tailor/alter them. Invest in closet staples and don’t jump to trends. Tuck your shirts in, show those ankles, wear incredible perfume, don’t wear a million pounds of makeup, be nice, don’t be thirsty. Get my drift?

5. Any particular brands do you love wearing?

Levi’s are my go-to jeans. I’m loving Cinq a Sept for the everyday elevated style. Marc Jacobs has always been a classic staple in my closet. Aspiration-ally Gucci. The past 4 seasons have left my jaw on the floor wanting mostly every piece. 

6. Fill in the blank: You should never wear _____ to work.

A stank face. Stay home. 

7. Perfect date night out outfit?

Low cut silk blouse (no bra), leather pants, flats, winged eyeliner and messy sexy hair. 

8. Any styling tips you’ve picked up from Chriselle?  

The most remarkable trick I’ve learned from her especially traveling with her to Fashion Week is to not overthink anything. This is a woman that literally throws on whatever and walks out the door like she has bigger things to worry about. My mind was blown the first time I traveled with her. I’ve also learned a lot about prints and not always sticking to solid colored clothing. She takes chances with her outfits and always pushes herself to evolve and not to stay comfortable. And lets not even mention skincare… That’s another blog post in and of itself 😉 

9. Top 5 most used emojis? 

Thumbs up, Spanish dancing woman, The happy face that looks like it’s crying and laughing at the same time (ie: me hahahaha)

10. Last, but not least: lifestyle motto: