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Fashion 5 months ago

Trends I'm Loving Right Now

Trends can be tricky.

They’re constantly fluctuating but the best part IMO, is that they’re totally up for interpretation! From styling things a certain way, to incorporating a bigger trend to work for your life and your wardrobe is truly inspiring to see. While I’m always watching to see what things are “trending,” there are three trends in particular that I’ve been loving right now.

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Signet Rings

I’ve been rocking signet rings for the last couple of months and at this point, I can’t imagine my hands without them! They’re a really classic piece of jewelry that’s kind of had a resurgence recently and I can’t get enough. While a true classic signet ring will have some kind of engraving on it- I love the simplicity of a blank one.

Signet rings have been around for ages- like, since the time of pharaohs. Mostly common amongst men, they marked you a member of the upper class. Some were even used as a way to sign official documents! Nowadays, they’re a lot more common, and I gathered some of my favorites for you to shop down below!

Shop Signet Rings

Western Inspired

Western inspired clothing and accessories are just about everywhere right now. We even talked about the cowboy boot trend on the ‘CINC|investigates’ series on The Chriselle Factor Instagram (you can see it in the highlights)! I was hesitant about the trend at first but I’m definitely loving western inspired looks. The ones I’m wearing above are from Isabel Marant (check them out here) and I love the buttery light leather color and cap toe.

If cowboy boots aren’t exactly up your alley, be sure to check out this post here where I broke down my three must-have boot styles!

Shop Western Inspired

Hair Accessories

SO many of you guys have asked about the hair accessories I’ve been wearing recently. I started playing around with bobby pins a couple of months ago and my obsession has just grown since then! They’re like jewelry for your hair and it’s such a fun way to add a little something to your outfit. There are so many options out there as everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon, but simple gold pieces are my favorite (be sure to check out more of my picks down below)! You can check out the one I’m wearing above from Winden, here!

Shop Hair Accessories

Do you guys have any trends on your radar right now? What about trends that you’re not so into? I want to know! Drop a comment down below and I’ll see you guys soon!

Photography by Karla Ticas

Dress: Isabel Marant | Hair Barrette: Winden | Boots: Isabel Marant

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Trends I'm Loving Right Now

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