Hair Tips 6 years ago

Hair Update

Being a mom of two now means my life priorities have completely shifted.

So having a day to have a little mommy makeover (as documented in this video here) was such a treat! I felt like I really needed a change and a day of pampering myself after having Colette.

I went to my girl Yuri at Palette Studios and she decided we should go lighter. She created balayage highlights on my hair to break it up because she felt like my dark hair was weighing down my face. It was crazy to see how something so simple could drastically change everything. It felt like my entire complexion changed and my skin felt lighter and brighter.

Since I had my mommy makeover, I’ve been getting so many requests about how I style my hair now so I wanted to do an updated hair regimen for you all because once you add color – everything changes.

Since I went lighter and my hair already has such a coarse texture, I’m making sure that I keep my hair super hydrated with hair masks (like this one here) and hair oils. Plus, with colored hair, I need a good purple shampoo to make sure my color doesn’t turn orange or brassy! I’ve been loving this one and this one! Good sulfate-free shampoos are also a necessity because that’s what prevents your hair from being stripped of its natural oils.

Another big part of my haircare routine is exfoliating my scalp! You might remember me talking about it in this post here about how to properly take care of your hair. It’s a great way to instantly rejuvenate your scalp and you’ll be surprised at how much lighter and cleaner your hair feels afterward. Scalp scrubs are also great if you happen to have dandruff.

For a little pick me up throughout the day, I’ll spritz this Oribe Foundation Mist to revitalize my hair or add this hair perfume from Byredo which is such a great product to have in my bag. It gives my hair an instant refresh and gives it such a heavenly scent. Any time I wear it at the office the girls on the CINCteam always ask me what perfume I’m wearing!

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It’s amazing how something as simple as washing my hair has become such a self-care exercise for me. Keeping up my haircare routine, just like keeping up my skincare routine, is the perfect time for me to have a little bit of ‘me-time’ even if it’s just in the shower for 5 minutes.


Do any of you have hair color saving tips you swear by? Let me know down below! T minus 6 days until Christmas!

Photography by Karla Ticas
Dress: Self-Portrait