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Paris Fashion Week 2 years ago

PFW Day 7: When Dreams Come True

This day is one for the books.  You will never forget THE moment you get invited to your very first Chanel show. When I first started attending Paris Fashion Week, I always told myself that the day I get invited to Chanel would be the day I knew I’ve made it. Haha.  Have I made it? Not necessarily, as I believe that as you grow, your dreams and goals continue to evolve and change with you. Nonetheless, it’s a day I will always remember.

10AM: Chanel Show

Arriving at the Chanel show was definitely a sight to see. The venue was so huge that there were different entrances for different gates/terminals. I felt like I was at the airport or something!
I decided to go with the ever so classic tweed jacket and this insanely beautiful white Chanel blouse. I’m not going to go into too much detail because I’m doing a separate post on my Chanel outfit so stay tuned for that! The hashtag for the Chanel show was #datacentralchanel. The collection was inspired by the NOW and the future… all about digital! There was definitely a cool street edge to the styling and almost a flashback to the early ‘90s where all the models wore snapbacks and bright colors!

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1PM: Coffee Break

My team and I had a little break in between shows so we stopped by at the oh so cute Café Kitsuné to get some coffee and sweets!

3PM: Ellery Show

I started to take notice in Australian designers a few years ago and Ellery was definitely one of them. I’ve always loved her signature oversized bell sleeves and flares. The collection was absolutely stunning! It consisted of bold, statement making pieces that are still very wearable for any day of the week. My favorite moment was seeing the shoes! I’m absolutely in love with the thick, chunky heeled boots.

4PM: Street Style

I wore this full Ellery look to the show and I love how it’s a spin-off of what I would usually wear. My rule of thumb when dressing for fashion week is to wear what you would normally wear back home but to elevate it by adding a statement jewelry piece or a unexpected layering piece. On any other day, I would probably just wear this beautiful white skirt with this long sleeve gold top, but to make things look a bit more interesting, I layered this black crop top. You might recognize these shoes from some earlier posts! I’ve been wearing them all fashion week long!

6PM: Kenzo Show

To say I was blown away by this show is an understatement. From the venue to the art direction, Kenzo definitely pushed the boundaries this season. Right when you walked in the venue there were women and men of different races and backgrounds posing nude, painted in clay. It was the most beautiful and moving thing I’ve seen! The entire collection was so bold and energetic. Inspired by Studio 54, the show was infused with tons of shine, color, and movement.

8PM: Street Style by the Eiffel Tower

For the Kenzo show, I wore a bodycon Kenzo knit dress. It was a full monochrome burgundy moment and I was in love. I paired it with my trusty old Lanvin boots and a burgundy Kenzo purse. I couldn’t help but be a tourist and have an Eiffel Tower moment after the show, too! Can you blame me?

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9PM: Longchamp Event

I stopped by the Longchamp event to check out the collection and the store after the Kenzo show. I was so hungry, I ended up sticking by the food (as always) and eating way too many sweets!

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10PM: BoF 500 Party

I party hopped right on over to the Business of Fashion event which was in the most amazing location! Held in the heart of Paris at Hôtel de Ville, I was able to see a bunch of my friends that night so we ended up staying for a bit before ending the night.

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I can’t believe there’s only one more day before fashion month is over! It’s a bittersweet feeling but I’m excited to close it off strong! Be sure to tune in tomorrow for my last PFW post at 3pm PST!

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Photography by Jana Willams

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PFW Day 7: When Dreams Come True

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