Hair Tips 7 years ago

My Top 5 Favorite Hair Masks

With my schedule for Fashion Month being as crazy as it is, sometimes my hair takes the backseat. With all the different hairstyles and heat being constantly applied to my hair, I know that as soon as the month is over, I need to give my tresses some SERIOUS love. I found that the best way to do that is with a killer hair mask. When I was gathering my favorite hair masks for this post I realized something… a lot of people know their skin type and what kind of products they need, but what about hair? Just like how everyone’s skin type is different, your hair has its own personality and its own needs as well. So, I put together this list to help you figure it out!

For Strengthening: Kristin Ess

When I heard that the amazing celebrity hairstylist Kristin Ess was coming out with her own hair line, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! This mask is super affordable, available at Target, and really, really works. It strengthens, softens and my hair always looks extra shiny!  Also, its a real crowd pleaser (everyone seems to really love Kristin Ess products)!

For Hydration: Moroccanoil

If you havent tried this one yet, it smells SO good!  This mask is a classic and is so great when your hair needs an extra boost of moisture. I like to use this mask in particular when I can feel the tips of my hair get really dry, which happens a lot after I’ve been using a lot of heat on my hair. It’s always amazing to feel how instantly silky smooth my hair feels after I use this mask! My hair feels instantly healthier and smells amazing. This is also great to use when you’ve been out in the sun for a long period of time (I’m talking to you, beach bums!)

For Colored Hair: Olaplex

For all the girls out there with colored hair, you know how much of a struggle it can be to maintain. Between getting the color touched up and wanting to keep your hair feeling like you just left the salon- a lot of time, effort and money goes into it! I only have a few highlights in my hair but I know that using the proper products can make the world of difference. This Olaplex mask is made specifically for colored hair to help strengthen it and it also helps restore damaged hair and seems to be a hair stylists best-kept secret!

For Repair: Show Beauty

Not only is this hair masks packaging beautiful, but it really works! Unlike a lot of mask where you apply the product for a few minutes prior to showering, this one goes directly on damp hair. I usually get my hair wet in the shower, ring out the excess water and then put on the mask while catching up on some emails. I use a clip to tie up my hair while I continue with my shower and rinse it out after about 5 minutes! My hair always feels crazy soft afterwards.

For Oily Roots: L’Oréal

This mask is one of my favorite drugstore finds thus far. It’s under $10 and is designed specifically for oily roots. The girls on the CINCTeam and I have all tried it and we all love it! It’s safe for colored hair and it really helps absorb excess oil to leave your hair feel light, bouncy beautiful, and not greasy!

Do you guys have any hair masks you swear by? Maybe some D.I.Y masks you use? Let me know down below and have a great Thursday!


Photography by Karla Ticas