Paris Fashion Week 6 years ago

PFW Day 1: Champagne & RiRi

I am beyond excited to bring back the real-time diaries as it was soooo well received during NYFW. It brought me so much joy to see how excited you guys were about it. If you somehow missed NY,  you can check it out all here! Moving forward, I’ll be sharing real-time coverage of everything I’ve been doing in the past 24 hours (Paris Edition). You guys can keep up with all the posts by clicking on this link HERE or just checking back at 3 pm PST daily. Keep in mind that this is an addition to our usual morning posts that go live Monday-Friday at 6 am.

It’s so amazing to be back in Paris and to be able to share my PFW Day 1 with you! As you guys know, I usually don’t make it to London or Milan because, to be quite frank… I need a little break in between all of the fashion week shows (and I alwyas love going back home to be with my family).  With that being said, being back in Paris with the team is always so exciting and refreshing!

9AM: Morning Stroll

I always try to start off the day with something energizing. There’s nothing more inspiring than walking or jogging around the city to take it all in. Paris never fails to make me feel weak in the knees.

11AM: Maison Margiela Show

The first show of the season was Margiela and it definitely got my creative juices going. Before I go into details of it all… It’s always great to be reunited with my friends. We all follow each other on social media but to see each other in person is always a treat as it doesn’t happen as often as we would like.

Margiela is one of those houses that is always looking forward and showcasing their collection as art. The collection was filled with classic silhouettes and unexpected twists such as using technical organza on a Victorian blouse. It was true innovation at its best.

12PM: Street Style

I layered this black off the shoulder dress with one of my usual turtlenecks (my absolute favorite thing to do in the fall! Layering a turtleneck with everything and anything possible). I kept the rest pretty simple for the first look. The two accessories that have been on repeat for me have been this red structured purse and these sheer mesh booties (I’ve had these boots for 3 years + and they are still my most worn pair of boots)!

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1PM: Balmain Fitting

I’ll be attending my first Balmain show and I’m so excited! I had a fitting with them today and this was one of the outfit options that I may or may not be wearing to the show… Tune in tomorrow to find out my final pick!

2-3PM: More Fittings!

Within a 2 hour time frame I had 3 fittings and it was insane with the limited time we had. First up were my fittings with Karla Otto and KCD then finally a fitting with my Elie Saab family. I was reunited with my girl Nathalie and I can’t wait for you guys to see what look I decided to go with!

3PM: Rochas Show

After my fitting, I rushed over to the Rochas show! It’s always such a treat to run into followers and fans. I really love meeting you guys in person! I was also reunited with Bryan Boy and it was so much fun catching up with him and discussing politics… you know. The show itself was hauntingly beautiful. It was eerie but romantic and playful in every was possible. I love seeing how they reimagine their signature oversized silhouettes every season.

4PM: Tourist Moment

No matter how busy your schedule is, you’ve got to stop and take a photo with the Eiffel Tower. I swear no matter how many times I come here I will NEVER stop being a tourist! It’s just too beautiful!

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5PM: Lunch/Dinner

I usually have a HUGE breakfast because I know that most likely, I won’t have my first real meal until 5 or 6 pm during fashion week (I’ll talk more about this in another post about what I actually do eat during the week to stay fit and energized). The team and I were able to have our first real meal at 6 pm (snack bars and juices don’t count in between). I’m feel so blessed to have such an amazing team who are now, what I consider, my close friends. Cheers to that! No matter how busy or stressful we are, we always try to have a good time!

6PM: Street Style

I’ve been sticking to classic pieces lately as I think they best represent my personal style but I always try to add a fun twist to it. For instance, I added this beautiful brooch on my skirt and paired it with a unique clutch to give this classic outfit a little something something.

8:30PM: Fenty by Puma

I ended up wearing this risqué backless dress with cutouts from the side by Mugler to the Fenty by Puma Show. It’s super sexy but sleek and strong at the same time. It was exciting to attend this show as it was RiRi’s first time showing in Paris, and I mean c’mon, it’s Badgalriri! The collection was infused with gorgeous silk pinks and army greens and to quote Rihanna, was inspired by “Marie Antoinette at the gym.” There were lots of layering moments mixing in unexpected pieces such as a corset with a hoodie. It was VERY Rihanna to say the least.






Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Finally made it home and my bed couldn’t feel any better. No matter how tired I was I still managed to give myself a little mask to detox my face for the day. But guess what? I was so exhausted I ended up falling asleep with it on! At least it was better than sleeping with my makeup on…

Some of you may or may not know about Jana Williams! She is one of my closest friends and I’m so lucky to have her traveling with me and my team on this trip! We have a long history together as she was the first one to shoot me when The Chriselle Factor first started and of course, she shot my wedding. You can check out her blog/site as well as she is doing daily updates as well and also gives really good photo tips HERE!

Hope you guys enjoyed my PFW Day 1 recap! If there’s anything you guys want me to include in these recaps such as the makeup I wear and/or beauty products I use when traveling to even the food I eat, let me know in the comments below! Can’t wait to share with you guys my day 2 diary  tomorrow!


Photography by Jana Williams