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TRAVEL 3 years ago

7 Items You need In Your Carry-on

I’m currently in Greece! I know, it seems like just yesterday that I got back from Seoul fashion week, and now I’m in yet another country. It’s surreal how in the past two months I’ve traveled to NY, Paris, Seoul and now I’m on the road again for another week before I can see my Chloe bear. It’s not easy dealing with the mommy guilt every time I have to travel, but Chloe will finally be traveling with me to New York next week so I can’t wait for this! And in case I don’t say it enough, I’m also very thankful for my readers for constantly supporting me. I’m really excited to share with you guys all the upcoming projects I’m traveling for and working on, so be sure to follow the adventures on instagram and snapchat (@chrisellelim)!

Since I’ve had to be on the road so much, I pretty much have a system down for traveling. My closet might look like a mess after, but my suitcases are neatly organized and optimized for convenience. Since I’ve been traveling so often I thought I’d share with you guys the 7 items you need in your carry-on to make your traveling life a lot easier!

1. Airport Uniform

Every time I go to the airport I always wear the same thing. Well, not the same exact thing, but a variation of the same outfit. Consider it like an airport uniform!

Going through TSA is the biggest pain so I dress for convenience. Although I break out the black skinnies once in a while (only the ones with A LOT A LOT of stretch for international flights) I like to stick with my boyfriend jeans. Why? They skim my hips instead of hugging them, they are loose, and it’s the perfect effortless jet set look. I almost always wear two layers and carry a jacket (depending on where I’m traveling to). No matter what the climate is at your final destination.. flights are usually ALWAYS cold. I like to stick with a loose sweater or cardigan layered with a tank or a tee underneath (just in case it gets hot I can take off the sweater).

As for shoes.. I usually always stick to either sneakers or slip ons. They’re the most comfortable to walk around in and they’re easy to take off at the security checkpoint. I also like to take off my shoes and wear cozy socks when I’m on the plane so wearing shoes that are easy to take off is a must! I’ve also been wearing my apple watch for traveling because the GPS function on there is amazing. When I was navigating my way around New York, my wrist would vibrate to let me know when to turn or which street to cross, which is great for someone like me who gets distracted easily!

2. Carry-on Suitcase + Purse

It might seem like extra luggage to lug around a carry-on when you actually could fit your laptop, makeup case, wallet, books, and the rest of your belongings in your oversized purse, but trust me you do NOT want to be lugging that heavy purse on your shoulders when you are walking through the terminals. That is why I ALWAYS have a carry-on because I’m able to sit my purse on top of it without straining my shoulders. Want to know a secret? My carry-on is usually always empty! I carry around an empty carry-on so I have extra room when flying back since I’m always bringing more stuff back than going there. I recently got a hold of this amazing travel bag from Ectu (similar and affordable one here) as well. What I love about it is that it is EXTREMELY oversized, and has a pocket for everything.. I’m talking about one for your passport, wallet, cell phone, tickets, etc. And the best part? It has a little pocket in the back for the suitcase handle to go through so you don’t have to worry about your purse falling off.. I mean, how genius! My travels have gotten that much easier with this carry-on purse of mine. Not to mention.. its kind of perfect for a baby bag as well.

3. Beauty Pouch

The first thing I do once I get to my seat is pull this beauty pouch out because it has all of my necessities I need to up keep with my skincare regime while in transit. If you follow me on snapchat you know how religious I am about my in-flight skincare routine. I think it’s because I used to not have a inflight routine and I saw how horrible my skin was getting from all the flights. So I literally always turn my international flights into a spa. In this beauty pouch I have everything from my contact case & solution to a sleeping mask, my oils, moisturizer, makeup wipes, you name it! You must follow me on snapchat to see me in action on the plane (some of you may think I’m ridiculous with all that oil on my face but trust me it’s necessary)!

4. Tech pouch

Yes, I pretty much organize my plane life in pouches. So in this pouch/clutch I have contain all things entertainment related. From my iPhone charger, laptop charger, headphones, digital camera, etc. Our whole lives revolves around technology now doesn’t it? Which means wires wires wires. As much as I love technology it can all get very messy with all the different wires, so I keep them all in one location. My iPhone charger, portable charger (my mophie I carry around with me EVERYWHERE I travel), headphones, digital camera charger, etc. Not to mention this makes your cord life last longer because it’s not getting damaged!

5. Socks & Scarf

I get cold VERY easily and that’s why I always carry around extra socks and a scarf with me on my carry-on. Socks is a necessity especially because my feet always freeze on the plane, so it’s important that I keep them warm. Usually business class offers you socks, but for some reason I still like to bring my own.. something about cuddling your feet into your very own familiar socks! Scarves are great because it can instantly make any off duty airport outfit look chic, but it can also double up as your blanket on the flight!

6. Vitamins

I used to ALWAYS get sick when I travel, so now I carry around a plastic bag of vitamins and Emergen-C. I like to drink a bottle of water with Emergen-C before I go on a flight because the air we breathe in a plane is pretty disgusting if you think about it. We are sharing the same air for 10+ hours (international flights) with others who may be sick or just coming down from a cold.. so it’s always good to protect yourself from all the bacteria that may be floating around on the plane. Nothing worse than getting sick right when you get to your destination!

7. Passport holder

And last but not least, a passport holder! I used to carry around my passport without a holder, and boy did things get messy. I would always misplace my tickets and such. This little detail goes a long way because it can keep you from misplacing any of the paperwork that you need for overseas. I usually stash my passport, multiple tickets, baggage claim sticker, custom paperwork, etc all into this convenient holder! I’ve lost my passport once and trust’s the worst feeling in the world!

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And there you have it, the 7 items that I always carry in my carry-on! I don’t know how I would be able to travel without them. I’m currently in Greece for a big project, follow me on snapchat to find out! (@chrisellelim)



Photography by Karen Rosalie

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7 Items You need In Your Carry-on

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