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3 Ways to Tie a Scarf

Since I’ve been obsessed with little scarves this season, I thought I’d share with you all my three favorite ways to wear them! This simple accessory can make all the difference in elevating your outfit and adding a touch of sophistication to any look. There never seems to be enough time in the day, and on the list of things I have to do .. trying to overcomplicate on accessorizing is definitely not on one of them. So to make all our mornings easier, today I’m sharing with you guys 3 easy ways to instantly glam up your outfit. Learn how to tie a scarf in three different ways!

1. Neckerchief 

As you guys might already know, this polka dotted silk scarf is my favorite scarf to wear! (As seen here & here!) The dotted pattern may be a little intimidating to use but I find that it adds a fun sophisticated touch of whimsy to any outfit. My favorite way to wear this scarf is with a simple black top and a denim bottom for a casual & fun look! But it can definitely also be dressed up with an LBD or even a white dress shirt!

Step 1: Fold the neckerchief in half around your neck
Step 2: Wrap the neckerchief twice around your neck
Step 3: Insert one end through the loop
Step 4: Secure your neckerchief by tying a knot

Pair this with a black top to look sexy and chic!

2. Choker Scarf

Lately I’ve been seeing this choker scarf trend a lot. I think it’s a cool and edgy way of adding in a little extra flair to your outfit. The key to this look is the thinner and more delicate the scarf the better, as it acts like a choker around your neck. You can either fold a black silk scarf into a thin strip (like pictured below), or you can just use a simple black ribbon! This is probably the easiest look to achieve as you don’t have to actually purchase a scarf for this.

Step 1: Fold the scarf into a quarter inch strip (the more thin & delicate the better!)
Step 2: Loop the scarf around your neck. You can loop twice if the scarf is too long.
Step 3: Secure the scarf by tying a knot behind your neck
Pair this with a knit for a more casual sleek look.

3. Bandana

The bandana scarf is probably the oldest and most classic way of creating a sexy and edgy look! I think a lot of people might stray away from this look because they think they can’t pull it off, but don’t be intimidated by this scarf! If you guys haven’t noticed .. I’ve been tying this bandana look on Chloe a lot! (And if a baby can pull off this look ..) It’s just a great way to add an extra flair to your outfit. The key to wearing this look successfully is to not let your outfit overpower your scarf. Since this white bandana is already so strong, it looks better with a simple black top. In my recent scarf video, I toned down my bandana by pairing it with a top that’s similar colored.

Step 1: Fold the bandana in half, making a triangle. Then roll the scarf into a quarter inch strip.
Step 2: Wrap the bandana around your neck & bring the ends forward
Step 3: Secure your banana by tying a knot off to the side
Pair this with a strapless top for the ultimate sexy summer look!
A huge thanks to my friend Hannah for modeling for this post! I hope this post was helpful for you guys! (Share with me in the comments your thoughts .. I read all your comments even though it might take me a few days to respond to you guys!) & to learn 7 more ways to tie a scarf, watch my video!


Photography by Karen Rosalie