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How To Wear a Silk Scarf

Ever since my mom gave me my first silk scarf in high school I’ve been obsessed with these chic little things. It has a way of polishing up a look and adding a chic factor to any outfit really. I’ve been incredibly fascinated with women in the ’70s, as they wore scarves with practically everything. It’s almost as if women back then never walked out of the house with either a scarf or a hat. It’s very apparent that silk scarves have finally made a comeback. From a number of style bloggers, to the Saint Laurent, Gucci, and Tommy Hilfiger show, it’s as if everyone has caught a bit of that ’70s flu!  But let’s talk about how to really pull one off without feeling entirely self conscious? I’ll be honest with you, it’s been a while since I’ve last worn a silk scarf, and the first day I decided to give it a try…I was a bit self conscious. But ever since then I’ve been adding a silk scarf  to my looks whenever I can. Not that I’m encouraging anyone to be lazy with their wardrobe,  but if you are ever pressed for time or feeling a bit uninspired to get dressed up…here’s your solution! A silk scarf can instantly make you look uber chic and polished, even on those lazy morning days. *shhh no one has to know!

So you really like this trend, but you really don’t want to look like you walked out of your grandmas closet either. Here are my tips on How To Wear A Silk Scarf:

1. Silk scarves are already labeled as “sophisticated” and “mature”, so you want to make sure that the print is more minimal, modern, and fresh. I’m personally not a huge fan of busy prints, so I kept with a simple black and white polka dotted one.

2. There are so many different shapes & sizes for scarves, so which one to choose? Big square scarves are the most common, so you can always fold it in half and continue to do so until it becomes one slim line. Or you can always find a slim & diagonally cut one that is long & lean…these ones are super popular right now. Or in my case I just took the belt that came with my polka dotted silk dress and wrapped it around my neck twice.

3. I prefer to wear silk scarves with very minimal outfits. I also love to pair silk scarves under a crisp white button up and a pair of jeans. I personally find it to be one of the most flattering outfits that any woman can wear. It’s clean, sophisticated, and so on trend.

4. There are plenty ways to tie a silk scarf, this short knot is one of my favorites and easy to achieve. A more dramatic way is to wear a long skinny scarf and throw one end over your neck or even just letting the two ends hang loose. I also love tying silk scarfs on my wrist or bag for an extra oomph to my outfits!

I encourage each and every one of you to try this look out by adding a silk scarf to a simple outfit. You might be surprised how good a silk scarf looks on you! Hope this post inspired you to try something new!

P.S  Just an FYI, I’m drinking a chai tea latte with coconut milk! I still believe there are benefits to quitting coffee, so even though I can drink it now, I’m trying not to! Which reminds me…Chloe had her first sip of “coffee” yesterday…did you guys see it on my snapchat??? haha (username: @ChriselleLim)



Photography by Karen Rosalie