Fashion 7 years ago

Blue Jeans Baby



I’ve always loved a good pair of fitted blue jeans, but lately this ’70s trend has really rekindled my love for denim. One of my biggest fashion inspiration from the ’70s era is Bianca Jagger. She had a cool masculine, yet ultra chic look that I have always been drawn to. Not to mention fierce cheekbones and eyebrows! This year, brands like 7 For All Mankind have really focused on fringe and suedes materials, which is great for a ’70s lover like me as I’m obsessed with fringe and the flared jeans look.

I’ve always been pretty tall, but I always get the most compliments about my height when I wear fitted bell bottoms. The fitted flared shape really elongates my silhouette and adds an extra 3 inches to my legs, even though I haven’t grown at all! (This is a little trick I like to use for days when I want to appear taller ..) But what makes it for me about these denim pieces is the braided detail. The braiding incorporated in waistline and pockets is subtle yet it adds a special touch to a classic pair of jeans. It’s little details like that that makes an item that much more sophisticated and interesting, and totally worth the bucks. I love that this collection has a wide range of silhouettes from flares jeans as well as a classic pencil skirts. It’s so great to re-live the seventies trend without be overly costumey. I’m also incorporating my favorite black silk scarf into this outfit to give the 70s look a more modern twist!

I’m actually leaving for Greece as I write this .. so many mixed feelings! On one hand, I’m so excited to be taking a much needed vacation and to be reunited with my girlfriends from across the world for our friend’s wedding. But I’m also really sad to say that I won’t be bringing Chloe with me this time. (Even though I’m sure we would have so much fun with Chloe in Greece!) I’m dropping Chloe off at my parent’s in Danville so she can have bonding time with her grandparents instead. I hope she doesn’t get chubbier from all love and yummy food by ummalim! Be sure to follow my adventures on snapchat @chrisellelim!



Photography by Karen Rosalie