Beauty 9 years ago

5 Favorite // Double Duty Makeup

Some of makeup’s best kept secret is that some products have a dual purpose! Since I am constantly on the go, products that I can use in more ways than one are extremely helpful. Especially when I am running late and doing my makeup in my car (as you guys saw from my snapchat last week) I’ve definitely had to learn to be creative with what I’ve got in my makeup bag. Today I’ll be sharing with you all makeup that can be used in two different ways!


1. Mascara as Brow Gel


 Mascara is a must for me as it lengthens my lashes and makes me look more awake. But I often like using mascara for my brows too! After I finish drawing my brows in, I use the mascara wand to brush over my brows to make them stay in place. Be careful with this though, as too much product on your mascara wand can make your brow look messy and clumpy. I usually like to run it over my brows after I’ve coated my lashes with the brush so there’s not too much product on the wand.



2. Eye Shadow as Eye Gel


I’ve featured this beautiful eye shadow in my 5 favorite eyeshadows, but I’m going to mention it again. Not only is it a beautiful product with pigments that lasts a long wear, this eyeshadow is also dual functioning! When used dry or wet with a brush, it has two different applications and results!



3. Eye Cream & Concealer


As you guys know, I’ve recently been hooked on Kate Summerville products. And this one is especially an amazing find for me because I struggle so badly with dark under eye shadows! (As you guys might remember from this post on How to Get Rid of Dark Circles.) This concealer also has a dual function of being an eye cream, so it nourishes as well as conceals. Exactly what I needed!



4. Cheek Stain as Lip Tint


I recently started using this new cheek stain, and I love it already. A little goes a long way as this product is a little watery, but that’s what makes it perfect as a lip tint as well! Last week when I couldn’t find my lip color, I did actually use this on my lip and the color was actually very pretty and the color stayed on my lips for a while. This is a great product to have just stored away in your purse to give your cheeks a healthy rosy glow or your lips that color and shine it needs!



5. Eyeliner as eyebrow pencil


Since I tend to use my eyeliner pencil interchangeably as an eyebrow pencil anyway, this last tip was kind of a no brainer for me. Using a light black or light brown eyeliner pencil to fill in your brows can be incredibly effective. Be careful though as the eyeliner pencil is more pigmented and you’d definitely need to have a lighter hand when drawing in your brows. Otherwise your brows could look way too dramatic! But this comes in handy when I need to fill in my brows and my brow pencil is nowhere to be found…


 And there you have it, 5 makeup products that can be used in two ways! Share with me in the comments what other products you also use unexpectedly!

Photography by Karen Rosalie