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Food 3 years ago

Brunch at Terrine

Photography by Karen Rosalie

Last week my team and I went to Terrine for a team brunch! I usually love places that are more cozy and bistro versus commercial and overly decorated. Terrine is the perfect mixture of a french bistro with a modern and cozy feel to it. Since I haven’t traveled in a while I’m finding myself very drawn to decor that brings me to another place. (As you can see my obsession with exotic looking stairs here and here.) I was really inspired by the lush green and fountains in the outdoor seating area.

But amazing atmosphere aside, their food was divine! We pretty much ordered a lot of things off the menu and the presentation and taste was everything! Some things we ordered were the charcuterie board, avocado toast, herb spaetzle, and croque-madam. I’ve never had any of these dishes before (except avocado toast) so our team had a fun time trying each delicious dish. But my favorite was probably the pain-perdu, which was this french toast that had caramel and maple syrup on it .. Sweets galore .. Yum!

Hope you guys go on yummy food adventures this week and add Terrine to your places-to-try list!

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Brunch at Terrine

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